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 Cameron Cobain (INDICA)

Cameron Cobain (INDICA)

Cameron Cobain is an American musician based In California. Also known as INDICA, is well known for his 80's inspired music which crosses genres from electronic, R&B, hip hop, and pop music.[4]

Early Life

INDICA was born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area. [9]

Musical Career

Recently signing with Tommy Boy Records [2], INDICA released an album titled, RETROMODERN on March 29, 2019. [6][7] The highly anticipated effort, RETROMODERN produced and mixed by Andrew Luce[5], is inspired by 80's movies like the cult classic ‘Scarface’ and millennial fav, Tron. RETROMODERN gives fans and newcomers a glimpse inside the mind of one the industry most multi-faceted, multi-talented, rising Artist, INDICA.

The catalogue the musician has put together is outstanding -- being able to cross between genres with projects like INDICA (self-titled) [8], and now RETROMODERN[6]. From electronic to R&B; from hip hop to pop, INDICA knows no boundaries! The rising star has solidified his roles as a Musician, Songwriter, Influencer and Creative.

Musical Style

INDICA continues to create an unparalleled buzz with his infectious musical style and sound. There is no doubt that this gifted Twenty-something, is shaking up the Industry while creating his own sound with melodic flows, electronic synths, and big drums. Fusing all the sonics together creates the INDICA sound that has gained him an ever expanding fanbase. Along with his music, the aesthetic visuals shape a creative cohesive package that further elevates his brand. [3]


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