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Škoda 706 RTO

Škoda 706 RTO

interior of Škoda 706 RTO

interior of Škoda 706 RTO

Škoda 706 RTO is an urban bus produced by bus manufacturer Karosa and Škoda in Czechoslovakia between 1958 and 1972. It was succeeded by Karosa ŠM 11 in 1964.

Škoda 706 RTO
ManufacturerKarosa, Škoda
Body and chassis
Doors2, air-operated
Floor typeHigh-floor
ChassisBody on frame
EngineŠkoda 706
Transmission5-speed manual
Length10 720 mm
Width2500 mm
Height3150 mm
Curb weight8570–8950 kg
PredecessorŠkoda 706 RO
SuccessorKarosa ŠM 11

Construction features

706 RTO is built on frame of Škoda 706 trucks. Engine is placed in front next to driver, and rear axle is propelled by long driveshaft. On the right side are two doors and inside are used leatherette seats.

Production and operation

In 1958 started serial production, which continued until 1972.

From 1959 to 1986 produced under licence in Poland by Jelcz factory as Jelcz 043 (nicknamed ″cucumber″, pol. ″ogórek″) .

Škoda 706 RTO is not operated in public transport anymore, but many of them are operated as historical vehicles. Last Škoda 706 RTO in Prague was retired in 1978

Historical vehicles

Because today there is still lot of buses Škoda 706 RTO, the following list is not complete. Czech Republic

  • ČSAP Nymburk (1xLUX, 1xKAR, 1×modified convertible, 1×passenger trailer Karosa NO 80)

  • ČSAD buses Plzeň (2×KAR)

  • Transport Company of the České Budějovice (bus no. 128 version MTZ)

  • Transport Company towns Most and Litvínov (bus reg. No. 150 version MEX)

  • DP Ostrava (bus reg. No. 247 KAR version)

  • DP Pardubice (bus reg. No. 28 version MTZ)

  • Nová Bystřice (perhaps it still run on regular routes JH Bus Ltd.)

  • DS Zlín - Otrokovice (bus reg. No. 2 version MTZ, SPZ 3Z6 6930, year 1959)

  • Technical Museum in Brno (bus reg. No. 202 version MTZ, year 1966)

  • Plzeň Transport Company (bus reg. No. 51 version MTZ)

  • Busline (1 × 53-84 LIA MTZ license plates, license plate KAR 3L3 8000, year 1964)

  • Transport company of Karlovy Vary (1 × LUX, SPZ SOA 13-88, year 1961)

  • TS Příbram (1 × KAR, SPZ PB 34-40)

  • BBG Eberswalde (1 × KAR, SPZ BAR B109H, year 1963)

  • Bus Jihotrans (1 × LUX, SPZ CBA 19-49, year 1965)

  • Tourbus (1xLUX, SPZ BSC 74-95, year 1969)

  • PROBO BUS (1×LUX, license plate 11V 2499, year 1968)

  • ZDAR (1 × KAR)

  • P-transport (1×KAR, license plate NAA 55-33, year 1964)

  • Magic Bus (LUX, license plate 14V 0142)

  • DP Bratislava (bus reg. No. 236 version MTZ)

  • SAD Trnava (1 × LUX, SPZ TT-H040)

  • ŠKODA - BUS club Plzeň (version LUX year 1961 version TRST, mobile transfusion station, year 1964)

  • Nitra (LUX version, the car is garaged in the Slovak Agricultural Museum, belonging to private individuals)

  • ANVI TRADE s.r.o. (version LUX)

See also

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