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Zuxit is an organized protest of over 100 Facebook Pages and more than 175 Page Administrators over Facebook's community standards. Together these pages compromise around 20 million Facebook likes. The mass blackout is taking place from September 28th-September-30th.[3]


Claim and Reason for Protest

The Meme Alliance alleges that Facebook's enforcement of community standards is an algorithmic and automated process that unfairly bans pages that do not violate those guidelines while often letting pages that do breach them go unpunished. [2]


The purpose of this protest is to bring awareness to the fact that Facebook's censorship goes unaccounted for and to show users that their favorite meme pages can disappear without notice or good reason. Furthermore, it highlights that many content creators depend on making memes for their income and that even a temporarily ban can affect their livelihood.[2]


Underlying the protest, The Meme Alliance ultimately believes that a ban on one page is a ban on all.


The following are the pages that are participating in this virtual demonstration are:


The Best of Starter Pack Memes, Nihilist Memes, Sad Screenshots Taken Out of Context, I play Korn to my DMT plants, smoke blunts all day and do sex stuff, Are Great Secrets Being Held?, Hot Dogs in Unusual Places, Girly Bullshit, Content Zone, I don't like shit i don't go outside, Jerbus, Cory in the Abyss, Where My Shrimps, Lettuce Dog, Teenage Stepdad, Hood Pocahontas, Hungry Meme Ready for the Feed, Creepy old dudes of Matty B Raps, Real Alcoholic Memes, Orange Ocelot, White Memez, Blockbuster Uganda, Selected Ambient Memes ii, Common Memes, The Sad Pad, I want to live inside a MEME, CraigsTwistedBrain, VHS Commentary, Render Uncertain, Hungry meme ready for the feed 2, Just Conspiracy Things, Nihilism Supreme, IKEA Goth, Utopian Raspberry, im fuikng 13 and im gonna hang myself in my got dam closet, They don't paint pictures, they just trace Memes, Pokemans, Second Sight 幽玄, Stale memes for normie has-beens, Sᴇʟᴇᴄᴛᴇᴅ Aᴍʙɪᴇɴᴛ Mᴇᴍᴇs Vᴏʟ. III, Banana memes, Crapitalism, Auto shitposting, And I just can't look it's killing memes, Living in Asia Ironically, Tomato Memes, D A N K A F, Robust Gourmet Memes, Dab Moms, corn is the best crop & wheat is the worst, V a p o r c u l t カルト, Dank Memes Corrupting Dreams, Xx myspace dot com Xx, Pooh in Timbs, Meme Wasteland, P I G E O N Z O N E //비둘기, Rigid Designator, Possible Worlds Memes, The People Against Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders' Rare Meme Repository, Cropped Faces For Your Shitposting Needs, Sewer Fiend, Bullshiticus, God of Procastination, Deathnography, Internet Stranger, Fire Walk With Memes, CONTENT INTERNATIONAL, and more.[3]

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  • Comment
    08672  •  09/28/2016 07:20:15 AM UTC
    good for them.
  • Comment
    Angel Ordaz  •  09/28/2016 07:34:11 AM UTC
    Such a dope design. These guys are geniuses. 
  • Comment
    Metatron  •  09/28/2016 08:44:00 AM UTC
    I wonder if one day there will be a facebook bill of rights that protects free speech
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