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From the time he was squeezed out of his mother's vagina, Austin Zahar expressed his yearnings for musical expression. Yet despite his infantileI wails, and the many temper tantrums that followed over the years, it took his parents 12 years to give in and buy him a guitar. "I have been wanting to create music for as long as I remember" says Austin, and his aspirations for doing so have kept him striving in the face of the adversity. It was never really a choice or a decision, but a source of meaning and expression in life.

Austin finds inspiration in a great variety of art, music, and life experiences that become the source of his expression. "Music for me is a way to express my feelings, and it can be very therapeutic. I hope to create songs that inspire and stir emotions, as the musicians I admire do for me." In 2005, after a few abandoned efforts, Austin formed Zahar, a project that could serve both to substantiate his creative impulse and as a platform for collaboration. Zahar is at home in the rock genre, and he describes it more specifically as "alternative weird" rock with a hefty dose of crude humor to lighten heavy hearts.

Though he is more interested in expressing himself authentically than seeking fame and fortune, Austin is pursuing music as a career. He has a unique voice and style, and a passion for performance that he hopes to bring to audiences around the globe. In its current guise, Zahar is a collaborative effort between Austin (lyrics, vocals, guitar), Shane Groothof (guitar), Dave Morris (bass, vocals), and Misha Luzov (lyrics, percussion), with a record in the works. Since competing with the likes of Lady Gaga can be prohibitively expensive (just think of how much it must have cost to cover that body with raw meat!), your support keeps the dream that is Zahar alive! [+]
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