Zady is a clothing and consumer goods e-commerce company co-founded by Soraya Darabi and Maxine Bédat that emphasises ethical consumerism. It has been called the "Whole Foods of Fashion."


Zady was founded in 2013 by Soraya Darabi and Maxine Bédat and is based in New York City. Darabi and Bédat had been high school classmates and throughout that time had considered where products come from and how labourers were treated.

In August 2014, Zady launched its own private label, rolling out products one by one starting with a sweater.


Zady offers products which emphasise ethical consumerism and supply chain transparency. Primarily, Zady sells consumer goods from companies who have been researched and affirmed for using ethical practises in sourcing and production. Zady additionally shares these individual companies' storeys on its website.

For instance, one initiative of Zady's, "Sourced In," attempts to make transparent every node in each product's production and supply. As part of this initiative, Zady has announced plans to create its own "Made in USA" label.

Zady has partnered with Vespa for product delivery.