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The Mother Fucking Scum Himself!

The musician best known as "Zachkary" is a handful when it comes to him expanding his fan base as a household musician while allowing his creativity to flourish beyond belief. Within' a year he's gained fans in multiple states not only as his own solo act but also as the creator of The Scumbag Boyz, he's somehow found a way to not only make himself the center of attention but he's maneuvered into the right position to make his boys (scumbag boyz) the center of attention as well.

What's The Backstory of Zachkary?

Zachkary, born Antonio is from a city named "Bowie" which is located in the state of Maryland. The man behind "Mosh pit Music" however has always had this strange lust for art, however he grew up to eventually drift away from the visual arts to find himself more infatuated by the lifestyle of rockers & other types of musicians such as Sex Pistols, Jimmy Hendrix, Nirvana, Dipset, Digital Underground, The Beatles, Nas, The Wu Tang Clan, Asher Roth, DMX and many others.
His infatuation with music ended up taking his main focus off of playing football & going to school, which he already had multiple scholarship offers to go out and make happen but he ended up placing his main focus more-so on chasing his aspirations and true goals in life. One of his main goals is to become a household name inside of the music industry while also helping create pathways for his younger family members. Another one of his main goals is to go out and create charities for people with Schizophrenia & other disabilities. His older brother Robert was hit by a car when he was 8 years old which resulted in him becoming Schizophrenic. However, that's one of a thousand reasons to why music is Zachk's only way to make something out of himself in life.

Zachkary's childhood wasn't the average "suburban kid" past, but that's for him to eventually speak about and not for you to read on a website. By him being family oriented it wasn't hard for him to form "The Scumbag Boyz" and eventually incorporate his brothers into the mix as well. Loyalty is what The Scums were built around as they always grew up with this very "Mafia-like" mentality. Staying within' his mob, Zachkary canceled his original group where he was rapping as "Izzy Vegetable$" who created a group named "The Izzy's"! However, due to the fact that he felt he like he was hanging around too many fuck boys that didn't have his best interest at heart he ended up ending the group as a whole.

Loyalty wasn't instilled into The Izzy's the way it's instilled into The Scums!

So, early 2014, Zachk ended up creating another group named "The Scumbag Boyz" which consists of his lifelong brothers: Pootie, Purpp, Big Dawg, Dope, Nerv, Kelz And Marc Bravo, after he created this he hit the studio almost daily from March to July which led to him Dropping his freshman tape on July 18th, 2014. His freshman tape alone brought him the attention that he expected to take 1 year to achieve tops, once The Supreme Tape dropped Zachkary had already came back from his quest to find himself. As the true him came to life, flourishing in it's own way the more he began to take on this rocker, Gothic, Trap-like persona which is honestly him in all aspects overall.

His talents aren't hard to notice for as this 20 year old is extremely lyrical, his lyrical capability is sometimes scary as you will hear him stack his words in odd ways while telling stories out of his own sometimes fictional, sometimes non-fictional world. Zachk however started going through serious shit right after he got off the small January tour and 2015 started to approach the middle of the winter. Feeling himself become weaker he decided to take time to himself and get himself back together, which resulted in him not dropping any new tracks for a slight minute.

Zachk eventually recouped of course and came back 20 times stronger, jumping on 3 features off of Marc Bravo's "The Black Tape" while promoting his Scum brethren's tape as well. The Black Tape kept the buzz inside of their mob alive and because of that, today, The Scums continue to find themselves more as a collective while Zachkary continues to mature & grow as a young & gifted musician, professional & leader. Marc Bravo & Zachkary decided to drop "The Black Bathing Ape" which is honestly next level compared to their past music. Considering the fact that their "past music" is only a year and some months old, now that's scary!

They're already looking ahead to the next projects, videos, mini tours and shows.

Zachkary isn't like anyone else, he doesn't sound like anyone else and he damn sure doesn't act like anyone else.

#ScumForever [+]
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