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The creator and leader of The Scumbag Boyz (TSB)

"I rap for what you all stand for, I am the voice that the youth has yearned for! I'm apart of the upcoming musical revolution that's inside of the DMV area. Which is, "DC Maryland & Virginia) and I am a pioneer of the music that I create, the actions I display, the lifestyle I've created for many other scumbags that's inside of the USA and outside of the USA! So if you fucking, sell cocaine or if you fucking, sell computers! I promise you that I will have a song that was created especially for you. I create art so no matter if you're gay, straight, bi-sexual, rich, poor, wealthy, a criminal or a scholar I create art for you all. I will continue to create art for everyone of all backgrounds and continue to unite everyone the world and push myself as a voice for the youth." - Zachkary

Zachkary can be described as a Maryland version of "Travis Scott" mixed with "OG Maco" but that's just our opinion of Zachkary. He's a very controversial artist who takes his talents and his craft to heart, as you'll see him tweet or often say in some interviews.

Zachkary is very business savvy, which most young musician's lack and that alone is what seperates Zachkary from the others that are inside of his genre, age group or even area.

I think it's safe for us to say that Zachkary is a "artist to watch" as well as a rising star inside of this music industry and with the right guidance this young man will impact the world as well as the culture in multiple ways.

Zachkary & his best friend "Fruits" created "The Scumbag Boyz" as a collective and began adding the pieces to the puzzle once created. Fruits eventually ended up leaving for rehab due to a few complications that Zachkary himself wouldn't open up to us about.

However, Fruits absence gave Zachkary room and the motivation to create his Sophomore mixtape "The Supreme Tape" which was inspired by his best friend going away. You'll hear Zachkary speak about his best friend all throughout the tape and it's very dope to see such a depressing event inspire some of the best work that Zachkary has created yet.

Zachkary has a brother (not by blood) named "Marc Bravo" who is very different in his style of flow, lyrics and etc.. but however, he comes together with Zachkary to blend their talents into one great ass style and sound unlike any that you've seen or heard.

These two together live in concert are just as great! Giving us this "rockstar" feel with the way they can make a crowd mosh around or the way they can mosh while on stage.

You simply cannot deny Zachkary & The Scumbag Boyz of their placement in this industry any longer.

(Facts about Zachkary)
Birthday: March 18th, 1995
Age: 20 years old
Hometown: Bowie (The Scums), Maryland
Movement: The Scumbag Boyz(s)
Occupation: Musician/Creative Director/Model/Artist (overall)
Fav color: Lilac or Black
Fav food: Sushi
Fav musician: John Lennon
Fav activity: "Watching the stars and smoking"
Relationship status: Single
Siblings: 1 brother (Robert) [+]
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