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If you’re looking for music to be excited about, look no further: Vermont-born singer/songwriter Zach Ummer offers a fresh and unique blend of rock, pop, and folk with influences that include Keith Urban, Dave Matthews, and John Mayer. Ummer's lyrics are catchy and relatable to a vast group of audiences.

On his self-titled debut EP, Ummer and his live band teamed up with friend and producer/engineer Zach Abend. They stapled together a sound that was both original and familiar; a sound that has proven to be very likable. Last fall Ummer sold over 300 CDs during his Fall Break Tour through central Missouri, which is extraordinary for an artist who is still making a name for himself.

This spring, Ummer and his live band are returning to central Missouri to perform and unveil new/unreleased material to fans. While in Missouri, Ummer and the band are scheduled to perform at a benefit auction for Pascale’s Pals Inc. This non-profit corporation was developed to benefit the children and families staying at the Women and Children's Hospital in Columbia, Missouri.

Although Ummer is new to the commercial world of music, he has been surrounded by music since before he can remember. Since his sophomore year of high school Ummer has been writing and performing on his own; both with other bands and as a solo artist. After high school, Ummer attended Lyndon State College in Vermont to study music business. While attending, he was able to study songwriting under Joe Gittleman of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones., As a result, Ummer was prompted to become more serious about his writing craft.

After receiving an associate’s degree at Lyndon State, Ummer decided to take his musical career more professionally and thus moved to Nashville, Tennessee. After spending a year out of school, Ummer decided to attend Belmont University to continue both his education in music business and his musical career.

During his first year of Belmont attendance, Ummer met many talented musicians, two of which became members of his live band while recording demos for audio engineering projects. In winter 2011, Ummer and his band started recording his debut EP in a dorm room on Belmont’s campus. Then during Summer 2012, the EP was released in both a physical and digital format.

As Ummer recalls, “recording that EP was both one of the best things for me as a learning experience. It was also one of the most challenging things for me because it allowed me to learn how to interact in the studio and discover myself better as a musician. It also pushed me to work the hardest that I’ve ever worked on a project.”

When asked about his goals for the future, Ummer says, “the idea is to keep promoting this EP through touring and playing shows in and around Nashville. I’d also like to continue working on new material for a full-length album, which will hopefully be in plain sight a year from now.”

“As Americans”, Ummer says, “We’re taught to work hard and not give up on the things we love. You can be sure that whatever I come up with creatively, is something that has been worked on with passion and hard work. This career is no exception.”
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