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Yvette Felarca is an Activist based in Oakland, California.[3] She is a national organizer for BAMN and has stirred controversy over accusations of inciting violence, recklessness, and assault and protests against the opposition.[21] Yvette has consistently called for a "mass militant movement" to silence people against "Nazis and people who promote genocide."[33] Along with Shanta Driver, Yvette is a member of Revolutionary Workers League, a Trotskyist organization.[21]

Yvette on Tucker Carlson Tonight

Early Life and Education

Yvette grew up in Norwich, New York and attended Norwich High School. After graduating, she went on to the University of Albany but later went to UC Berkeley.[2]


Yvette is a Social studies Teacher at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School.[14] Outside of the classroom, is a high-ranking member in BAMN, a community organization that aims to fight for Social justice and Equality. She is often seen next to the group's National Spokeswoman, Shanta Driver, and directly works with her on logistics and organizing events. 


With a student

Yvette is notorious for instigating violence, bringing her students to protests, and for using her personal and sick days to attend political rallies.[35] She has been recorded attacking opposition protests and openly admits to her militant tendencies, quoting Martin Luther King Jr, "riots are the voice of the unheard."[22]


Many former BAMN organizers have testified that:

Yvette Felarca is an insane and delusional person, often times forcing organizers to wake u early in the mornings to organize at the schools in Oakland and at Berkeley. Yvette is the figure of that twisted and corrupt authority.[21]


Two petitions have circulated regarding Yvette's behavior; one to fire her from her teaching position and the other to arrest her for inciting riots.[5] [6] 

Inciting Riots

Yvette is notorious for her militant action at rallies and she has been deploying her violent tactics for the past few years. In a December 2014 op-ed by Dianne Emmett, she denounced Yvette's actions during the Black Lives Matter protests and called it counterproductive to any progress in her movement.[22]

Sacramento Riots

Yvette and company assaulting a protester at the 2016 Sacramento riot

On June 26th, 2016, Yvette lead BAMN in the 2016 Sacramento riot that took place between them and white nationalist groups. In a post on BAMN's website after the riot, they said that they "asserted our (BAMN's) collective power through mass militant direct action."[25]

In one video, Yvette can be seen punching a protestor while he raised his arms up in non-aggression in front of police. She then pulled his backpack from behind while one of the rioters grabbed his poll, pulling him into the ground as a crowd of BAMN members that began to assault him.[7] Police eventually cleared the rioters out of the way. Another video shows Yvette smiling with blood on her face as she leads BAMN to attack White Nationalists.[24]


Felarca has been accused of breaking multiple laws including incitement to riot, conspiracy to riot, disturbing the peace, assault, and battery. In addition, she possibly qualifies for a civil liability suit

Yvette Smiling white covered in blood at the 2016 Sacramento riot

from injured protesters and counter-protesters who did not intend to be in a riot that day. Failure to prosecute Yvette may embolden her to continue with her violent tactics in the future.[10]


After the riots, threats were made against Yvette and the school she worked in. Many critics and parents alike have called for her dismissal for her militant tactics. Because she did not violate the state education code, the district did not take any action against Yvette.[14] She was placed on leave by the Berkeley Unified School District temporarily in September of 2016 but soon returned to her position. The Sacremento Riots were some of the most turbulent in the California capital in recent memory, with 10 people injured, seven of those people were stabbed and two of those were in critical conditions.[14] Nobody was arrested at the riot.[7]


On July 18th, Felarca was arrested in connection to the Sacremento protests. She has been charged assault by means of force likely to inflict great bodily injury, participating in a riot, and inciting a riot.[36]


Milo Riots


On February 1st, 2017, riots broke out by Antifa and BAMN with the intent to stop Milo Yiannopolos from speaking at UC Berkeley. In a video speaking about the event, Yvette said:

This is not about free speech...These are not people who are interested in any genuine debate. They hide behind that hypocritically to try to shut up and put in our places women or Muslims or minorities or oppressed groups. But what they are really trying to do is they’re trying to assert their power, threaten us, intimidate us, rape us, kill us. This is real. This is life and death. This is not an abstract question of who’s theory are you interested in researching. This is about our lives right now…I promise you, if we work together and we stay united, we can count on each other. We can shut this f***er down, we can get rid of Donald Trump.[29]


She appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight where she defended her actions. Yvette accused Milo of being the face of fascism proudly stood by the violent methods used to shut his speech down. "He (Milo) should not be allowed to speak in public to spread his racist, misogynistic, and homophobic lies. No, he does not have the right to do that."[27]


The violence at the Milo event resulted in broken storefronts and beaten protestors.[29] There are recordings of Trump supporters being pepper sprayed and hit with flag poles.[30] One man was hit with a bike lock.[31] Eric Clanton may have been the perpetrator and has a history of hitting Trump supporters with bike locks.

Patriots Day Riots

On April 15th, riots broke out at a rally in support of Trump in Berkeley, California. Yvette is pictured next to Eric Clanton who was later identified by 4chan for hitting Sean Stiles and others with a bike lock.[32]


Arrest During Free Speech Week Berkeley 2017

On September 26th, 2017, Yvette led a group of counter-protesters during Free Speech Week at Berkeley. She was arrested on charges on suspicion of battery, rioting, obstruction, and resisting arrest.[39]​ 



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