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You'd think being a musician in 2015 would be easy with all the technology artist have access to. Truth of the matter is it's more difficult now then ever before. Being an artist takes sacrifice, commitment, and hard work. Urban music more specifically hip hop is a genre of art that reflects a particularly real life struggle for a large group of people. It's fitting because it's the absolute toughest genre of music to break into. Yung Plus Anutha is a young artist who creates music that fits the mold of that struggle perfectly.

Yung Plus is a Charlotte, NC native, and is part of a trio called Dirty Bronze. Yung Plus has a lyrical somber technique to his art. It shows in the production he uses to create his music. Heavy sampled melodies laced with introspective lyrics. That combination creates an unique sound not typically identified with a market place like Charlotte, NC.

Yung Plus is still growing, and still learning the ins and outs of the music industry. He has has spent the last few years perfecting his craft, and releasing songs free via the internet. His videos have achieved a good amount of success on YouTube, and he's ready to make his mark on the touring market in 2016.

Yung Plus is charismatic, soulful, and lyrical. All the ingredients to make a young man from Charlotte, NC into a star in the music industry. Influenced by the new legends he wishes to one day become one of them. [+]
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