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Yu Hyun Ko works in the Copyright Policy Division in the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, as a Deputy Director. She is in charge of the service trade issues related to FTA and cooperation between Korean government and World Intellectual Property Organization. Her works are mainly aiming for making inroads of cultural products and services into the foreign countries and protecting creators' rights more effectively through copyright system. She believes that this kind of career background can contribute to enriching our discussion and exchanging ideas each other in GSC. Her friends and colleagues usually describe her as a reliable, sociable and honest person. Moreover, she is always willing to challenge new things and be open-minded. That is why she has various hobbies such as swimming, playing music instruments, salsa-dancing and so on. She lived in Japan when she was in middle school, and spent a year in UC Berkeley as an exchange student. Various experiences in foreign countries broadened my horizon. She hopes that she could have another precious experience through activities in GSC. [+]
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