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He goes by the name of Samuel A. Torres also known as (Young Raze). He started off writing at a very young age which blossomed into positive rap-hip hop and R&B. Growing up in the slums of New York city was not easy for him. Young Raze struggled through but kept driving towards his dream. Heís been through a pretty tough childhood growing up. From seeing his friends get killed and drop like flies as well as family member but that only made him stronger and boulder which made him the person who he is today. His influences are Biggie, Pac, Nas, Jay-Z, Big Pun, Fabolous, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Kayne West And French Montana. These major artists helped Young Raze develop a bright and strategic way of understanding the culture and talent behind the music which gave him more strength and motivation for his dream. Young Raze goal is to become one of the most creative and unique artist known world wide. So far he have gained relationships with platinum producers and platinum artists that are very hot in the industry. He has been in a couple of projects with some very talented well known artists. Two years passed by and now Young Raze has became heavily known by big names in the industry in a matter of time. Young Raze likes to spend countless hours in the studio working his heart out. He will go to the recording studio at 8 in the night and come out at 11 in the am constantly and this is 6 days a week. ìIm doing this for my people who loves my music this is for my family especially He Said. Young Raze is letting the world know that nothing is impossible. On March 13th ,2010 Young Raze appeared on the Green Light Radio show and was interview by the host Disco J. Young Raze has currently worked with some very well known producers straight out of Philadelphia by the name of MPIII. Young Raze has established to work with platinum producer by the name of Phillip Pitts (Bang Out). Bang Out produced disco inferno, and produced the beats for the massacre for 50 cents album.He recently is working on his EP which he is planning to drop in the first quarter of the year with his independent group Snap Back Music Group.
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