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YNOT NOSNIBOR is a risk taking artist wielding a bold and heavy sound of world-rock-blues. A steady rising gem, the YN track brushes with world influences rooted in the deep soul of blues, fueled by arena rock energy.

The triple threat songwriter/singer/musician's latest release, My Heart's Rise, reached the top-50 on the SoundClick World Fusion charts as well as inspired the book, Inspirations Behind the Music. This acclaimed showing features six fully instrumental songs fit for a world music soundtrack. The album was recorded in it's entirety with Ynot Nosnibor performing keyboards, drums, bass, and guitar.

YN's upcoming album, Born to Live Free, delivers 12 songs that bridge the gap between burning blues,influenced by the stylings of Albert Collins, to full on soul rock anthems. "This record isn't about guitar licks it's about songwriting as a whole, from the music on to the lyrics... I tried to channel the spirit of Muddy Waters, Albert Collins as well as my rock heros like Peter Frampton, Bon Jovi, and progressive guys like [Joe] Satriani." expresses Tony Robinson, who penned each song on the album. In true Ynot Nosnibor fashion this album is performed by the artist expect for a couple guest musicians. [+]
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