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Würkin Stiffs® was cultivated while Jonathan Boos was getting ready for an evening out on the town with his family and friends. His wife had recently purchased him an expensive collared shirt, which he had finally decided to wear. Once he was fully dressed, he found out that the collar would not stay in its proper position. He tried everything to get it to lie flat and nothing seemed to work. As he was heading out the door, he had an idea and quickly constructed a make-shift magnetic collar stay. He knew it was pretty basic but it worked, and that’s all that really mattered. That night, he repeatedly asked his wife how his collar looked, to which she consistently replied, "It looks the same." A few hours later, his collar was still perfect and he mulled over the idea of the magnetic collar stay.

The following day, he approached his twin brother, Joshua, with the concept and the two researched it and constructed a prototype. Joshua wore the prototype to work for an entire day and mentioned how great it was to not have to fix his shirt collar every five minutes. And with that, Würkin Stiffs was born.

Three years later, the dynamic duo along with Jonathan’s wife, Amie, banded together to prevail over unruly collars everywhere! Würkin Stiffs® has created magnetic collar-stays for button-down collared shirts and polos. They also ventured into cufflinks, creating Knotz™– The Original-Affordable Cufflink, which each feature a unique knotted design. Along with Knots™, Würkin Stiffs® also created fashion one-piece cufflinks. They feature a rhodium-plated V-design that are milled and machined from one piece of billet brass and finished with a hand applied resin design, creating fully-finished cufflinks. They also design smartphone and tablet cases, even wallets. Würkin Stiffs® is the go-to brand for dapper dudes who want to maintain a sharp and sophisticated look both inside and outside of the office.

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