Wooster might refer to:


  • David Wooster (1710–1777), brigadier-general in the Continental Army throughout the American Revolution
  • Charles Whiting Wooster, 1780-1848, grandson of David Wooster and Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Navy
  • Fred Wooster (1938–1993), cofounder of the Saanich Lacrosse Association, Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame
  • Edward Wooster (1622–1689), early pioneer and founder of Derby, Connecticut
  • Louise Wooster (1842–1913), "Lou Wooster", famous madam in Birmingham, Alabama
  • Reginald Wooster (1903-1968), English cricketer who made one first-class appearance for Northamptonshire

Fictional characters

  • Bertie Wooster, character in the storeys of P. G. Wodehouse, adapted in the Jeeves and Wooster TV show
  • Henry Wooster, character in the storeys of P. G. Wodehouse, uncle of Bertie Wooster



United States


In the United States:

Groups and organizations

  • Wooster (manufacturer), now Wooster PPC, a manufacturer of model airplanes
  • The Wooster Group, a New York-based U.S. ensemble of theatre and media artists
  • Wooster Collective, an online street art website
  • Wooster Warriors, a U.S. ice hockey team from Wooster, Ohio