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The following is a list of notable women who are involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.[1]













  • Jordan Fahle (PR Manager at Civic)
  • Flora Fang (NEM Taiwan Leader, Partnership Director of JOYSO)
  • Olga Feldmeier​ (CEO of Smart Valor)[5]
  • Feyd (Technical Writer & Community Coordinator for Burst Coin)
  • Ali Finkelstein​ (Developer at Lightyear.io/Stellar​)
  • Laney Fisher​ (Chief Creative Officer, and Co-Founder of Oaken Innovations)
  • Helena Flack (Public Relations & Social Media at Parity Technologies)
  • Heather Flannery (Co-Founder of Blockchain in Healthcare Global)
  • Tracy Fong (Partner — PE, VC, & Real Assets at Albourne Partners)[5]
  • Fereshteh Forough (Founder & President of Code to Inspire)
  • Katherine A. Foster (Chief Security Officer at BLOC (Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration))
  • Karyl Fowler​ (Co-Founder and CEO, Transmute Industries)[5]
  • Amanda Frankel (Associate Director at Stoic Capital)
  • Tamara Frankel (CFO Decentral.Solitions)
  • Christina Frankopan (CEO at Protozoa)
  • Anna Frankowska​ (Cofounder and CEO of Nitechain​)
  • Giselle Frederick​ (Founder & CEO of Zingr)[5]
  • Annick Fuchs​ (Startup lawyer in the Silicon Valley and Europe, ex-Director Legal at PayPal)[5]
  • Mai Fujimoto​ (Bitcoin donation platform KIZUNA)[5]
  • Natalie Furness (Communications Director at Medicalchain)



















  • Wendy O (Crypto Influencer, Educator, YouTube Creator and Meetup Host)
  • Liz O’Donnell(VP of Marketing, Abra​)[5]
  • Jennifer O'Rouke​ (Illinois Blockchain Business Liaison at the Illinois Blockchain Initiative)[5]
  • Faith Obafemi (Lawyer, Founding Partner at Lex Futurus)
  • Olayinka Odeniran​ (Co-Founder of PlusTouBlack Women Blockchain Council, and Blacks in Blockchain Global Group)
  • Susan Oh​ (Chair of AI, Blockchain For Impact, United Nations General Assembly​)[5]
  • Kathrine Olson​ (Cofounder and Creative Lead at Vevue​)
  • Karen Olsson (Co-Founder & COO of BlockAble)
  • Kathleen Olstedt (Co-Founder of Plus D (blockchain protocol))
  • Rosemary O'Neill (Co-founder and CEO of Narrative Company) [13]
  • Telly Valerie Onu (Blockchain/ICO Advisor, Co-Founder of Beyond Capital Markets)
  • Iliana Oris Valiente (Managing Director at Global Blockchain Innovation Lead at Accenture​)
  • Karen L. Ottoni​ (Blockchain Strategist. Co-Organizer for Women in Blockchain meetup)[5]
  • Elaine Ou​ (Blockchain engineer at Global Financial Access)
  • Daisy Ozim (Director of Blockchain for Social Justice)








  • Nikita Sachdev​ (Video journalist for Cryptovest)
  • Hanieh Sadat​ (Impact Investing | CryptoAssets Investing | TGE Advisor)[5]
  • Suna Said (Founder and CEO at Nima Capital LLC)[5]
  • Nathalie Salami​ (Blockchain Lawyer)[5]
  • Neda Samimi (Chief Of Staff at Unikrn)[5]
  • Manana Samuseva (Managing Partner, BuroHQ, Founder of Blockchain Digital, Crypto Media & iLIFT TV)[5]
  • Tamara Sanchez (Community Liaison and Application Development Strategist for Burst Coin)
  • Christine Sandler​ (Director of Institutional Sales at Coinbase​)
  • Iris Santos
  • Manana Sanuseva (CEO, Founder & Managing Partner of CryptoHQ)
  • Kiki Schirr (Co-Founder of WeKiki.party)
  • Diane Schrader​ (Founder and CEO of thirdACT​)
  • Jenny Seegers (Head of Web Development at WorkCoin)
  • Arjita A. Sethi​ (Co-Founder at Equally)[5]
  • Melanie Shapiro
  • Nathana Sharma (Program Director, Faculty Affairs & Principal Faculty at Singularity University​)[5]
  • Joyce J. Shen (Investment Director at Tenfore Holdings)[5]
  • Laura Shin​ (Journalist)
  • Rosa Shores (Founder of BlockSpaces)[5]
  • Lisa Short (Group Managing Director at ChangerInc.)
  • Anastasia Shvetsova​ (Managing Partner of M&A PR studio)[5]
  • Laura Shin (Senior Editor at Forbes​; manages coverage of crypto/digital assets)[5]
  • Scarlett Sieber (Chief Information Officer, Head of Strategic Transformation & Digital at Opus Bank)
  • Dr. Nina-Luisa Siedler (Partner at DWF LLP​, Founding Member of Blockchain Bundesverband, Member of Extended Board of IPDB Foundation, Member of EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum’s Working Group “Blockchain Policy and Framework Conditions”)
  • Deborah Simpier (Co-Founder of Althea)
  • Arianna Simpson (Venture Partner at Crystal Towers Capital)
  • Elena Sinelnikova
  • Elfriede Sixt (Founder & Board Member of Blockchain Academy)
  • Lauren Slade​ (Co-Founder of Loly (online dating company), Co-Founder of Decentralized Art Shows)
  • McKenzie Slaughter (Co-Founder of Beyond Capital Markets)
  • Cat Song​ (Co-Founder & General Counsil at ExsulCoin, Advisor of Satoshi Capital)[5]
  • Priyanka Sood (Customer Success Manager at Coinbase​)[5]
  • Ambre Soubiran​ (CEO at Kaiko)[5]
  • Emily Spaven
  • Nataliya Stanetsky (Co-Organizer of Women in Blockchain NY)[5]
  • Elizabeth Stark (Co-Founder & CEO at Lightning Labs)
  • Michelle L. Staton (Founder of CrystalClarity.co, tracking crypto regulation | Blockchain Consultant at Digital Asset Affairs)[5]
  • Samantha Stein (Founder of Hacktivision, Director of Special Projects & Startup Battlefield Editor at TechCrunch​)
  • Jutta Steiner​ (Co-Founder & CEO of Parity)[5]
  • Liz Steininger
  • Kristen Stone (Project Manager at Coinbase​)
  • Phu Styles​ (Founder of the Women in Blockchain Foundation, CEO and Head of Influencer & Investor Relations at Blockchain PR, Venture Partner at Velorum Capital​)
  • Rika Sukenik (Tax Technology and Blockchain at Deloitte​)[5]
  • Nadya Suleymanova (Senior Software Developer at Greeneum)
  • Cindy Sun​ (Chief Blockchain Architect at Workcoin)
  • Mariana Svirchuk​ (Cofounder and CTO of Tunnel)
  • Olga Svitelska​ (Co-Founder & COO of Wunderdogs)
  • Melanie Swan (Blockchain Theorist, Philosophy, Purdue University​)[5]
  • Kate Swanberg​ (Product Manager — Growth & Engagement at Tradeshift​)[5]
  • Simone Syed​ (Founder & Managing Partner of Velorum Capital)
  • Nissa T. Szabo​ (PR and Marketing at AirSwap)[5]







  • Gemma Wade (Executive Assistant for Qadre)
  • Angela Walch
  • Andrea Walker (Creator of "Black Woman's Guide to Crypto and Blockchain")
  • Mc Kenna Walsh (COO. DRÆM Ventures)[5]
  • Amy Y. Wan​ (Founder & Chief Legal Hacker, Bootstrap Legal | Legaltech Enthusiast)[5]
  • Fenni Wang (Legal, Operations and Strategy at IXO Foundation)
  • Jinglan Wang (Executive Director of Blockchain Educational Network and Blockchain Product Manager at NASDAQ​)
  • Renee Wang​ (Founder and CEO of Castbox​)
  • Roselyne Wanjiru (Marketing at EOS Nairobi​)
  • Bettina Warburg
  • Anne A. Ward (Bitcoin Capitalist)
  • Sheila Warren​ (Head of Blockchain and Distributed Technology at World Economic Forum​)
  • Hermoine Way (Brand Consultant, Former Head Of European Communications at Tinder)[5]
  • Kelley Weaver (Blockchain Communications Specialist - PR & Marketing Entrepreneur)
  • Robin Mahler Weisman​ (Principal at the Sternhell Group and Senior Policy Counsel to Coin Center​)[5]​​
  • Hanna Bottger Weiss​ (Director of Communications Development at Diversity in Blockchain, Inc.)
  • Emma Wetson (CEO & Founder at AgriDigital)
  • Marie Wieck​ (General Manager for IBM Blockchain)[9]
  • Jen Wieczner[7]
  • Karima Williams (DC Community Lead at ConsenSys​)
  • Angeleen Wilson (CEO & Founder of Dignyfy, Schooldapps, Co-Founder of Cryptoritas, and Cryptoveggies)
  • Nancy Wojtas
  • Rachel Wolfson (Entrepreneur, Blockchain Journalist)[5]
  • Victoria Wong​ (Co-Founder of Crush Crypto​)
  • Cynthia M. Wood​ (Founder/COO of Bee App)
  • Salena Worral (Co-Founder of Zonafide)
  • Angela K. Wright​ (Co-Founder of Make Crypto Easy)[5]
  • Angela O. Wright​ (Vice President, Flex Digital Health Strategic Business Development)[5]
  • Samantha Wynn (Operations Lead — CEO Circle at ConsenSys​)[5]



  • Joy Xiao (Associate at CKR Law LLP — Strategic Legal Counsel)[5]
  • Linda Xie​ (Co-founder & Managing Director of Scalar Capital​)[5]




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