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Spending many long nights in the darkness, honing the practice of the splendor that is music, Deakon Lekross, the diabolical scribe on lead guitar, came across a very specific sound that he soon would hold dear to his own heart. Through continued embrace, this brainchild came to be called, "Withercrown", developing into a dark and demanding tablature of haunting rhythms and amazingly metaphoric detail. As time passed, Deakon found himself adoring this creation, so it was decided that it would be shared with the world. Though it was not an easy task finding followers, after a few years it all seemed to change when he came upon Enferno, the raging pyre on drums, who was very interested and proved his worth and determination towards the project. Then, like a storm, came Lapin Noir, the thundering darkness on bass, who pledged his loyalty to this growing passion. After catching wind that this power-hungry band was in need of a voice, like a dream… like a nightmare, Pandora crafted a spell that would emphasize the haunting sound this band required in order to be pushed over the edge and spill out of the wine glass, leaving a stain on humanity. Withercrown has one goal in mind; bringing the mayhem and power of their music to the world. This eclectic and powerful group has not only a virtuoso guitarist, but also an unstoppable hunger for music. Together the members of Withercrown are a force to be reckoned with. It will be impossible to not be mesmerized by Withercrown and in time; everyone will bow before them.

In the words of the immortal diabolical scribe;
“Rise up and show that you are free servants to his majesty, now bow down before your one true god, with cruelty and anarchy.”
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