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William Suberg is a digital tech, Cryptocurrency​ Reporter​, and contributor for several crypto and Blockchain​ related publications. [1][2]​ He has covered everything from Initial Coin Offerings and blockchain technology, along with news regarding the state of cryptocurrency and different forms of decentralization projects taking shape across the world. [3][4]​ He is currently a freelance journalist but a frequent contributor of Cointelegraph​. [5]


Image of William Suberg he has shared on his Cointelegraph profile.


Some time around in 2013, while Suberg was completing his Master's degree​ he developed a keen interest in Bitcoin​ and decided to learn further about the technology. [6]​ He left academia to pursue a career in the blockchain and cryptocurency space. [7]



In October of 2013, he started working for Cointelegraph​ and soon enough for other publications. He has covered several news-related content regarding the international development of Bitcoin​ adoption from governments to private entities, as well as the technology behind it. [10]


He is considered "The most trusted man in pumping", for the way his writing about some of the most controversial topics regarding the projects behind cryptocurrency can be influential to the market. [11][12]

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