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Connecting with business owners and managers is always challenging. Bill McCurry comes from where they are. Bill for 40 years “signed the front of the paycheck”. He’s been CEO of 225 McCurry Companies which operated camera stores, Hallmark Gold Crown Stores and industrial B2B sales. In 1990 Bill received the unsolicited call to sell the majority of the business. Since then he’s been living his passion, helping businesses and their employees reach the next level of success and beyond. Bill McCurry knows the frustrations, joys and dreams of small to medium business operators. This practical experience allows Bill to craft his message to reach each unique audience. While most professional speakers “customize” their presentations to fit their audience, Bill takes it to a higher level. Bill will include numerous quotes (and pictures when applicable) from members of your target audience. Bill won’t just tell you his “opinion”. Instead, Bill interviews thought leaders from your targeted audience. Bill will shares quotes from them that reinforce his key points. This gives the audience proof that Bill’s concepts will work and encouragement to modify their own behavior for greater success. Bill’s personal definition of success is when post presentation surveys say “I did change and improve my business as a result of hearing Bill McCurry” [+]
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