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William A. Duplessie is an American​ Cryptocurrency​ and Blockchain​ entrepreneur known for being an advisor for Distributed Networks Advisors (DNA) and Science Blockchain. [1][2]


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Early Life

William was born and raised in the United States East Coast for most his life. He grew up in the state of Connecticut​ and grew up in the city of Greenwich[3]



Since a very young age he has been interested in the world of finance. Since he was a child, he would accompany his father to his place of work. His father was

Photo of William Duple with his friends at a costume party.

a bond trader and young William learned first-hand from his father's peers as he sat on trading desks to observe the numbers and graphs. He became a quick learner with an eye for hidden value.  [✔]


By the time he was 11 years old, he actively became involved in the public markets. Representative of his interest and understanding of markets, William earned First Place honors in a statewide Stock Market Contest in 5th Grade run by the State of Connecticut.  [✔]



Photo of William Duple Snorkling​.

Duplessie was a student at Bard College​ during the time when he became heavily into the Cryptocurrency space. He also became good friends with Jeremy Gardner​, and the two worked together on Blockchain projects.  [✔]


Duplessie has also lived in New Orleans, Louisiana​. While there, he attended Tulane University in 2015. [7]



William’s interest in markets, coupled with a passion about technology, caused him to become heavily involved with the Blockchain World in early 2012. 

Duplessie is considered a leading entrepreneur in the Cryptocurrency​ and Blockchain sphere for his work in the trading aspect of Crypto. [8][9][10][11]


Duplessie founded Coinconnect.com and launched it in 2014 as an educational platform, and, an exchange for Bitcoin, that targetted Millennials and college students.  [✔]


He has also worked as a business analyst for Napier Global Capital and International Correspondent Trading, Inc. [13]


Youtube Video
Bitcoin to $1 Million? Why That’s Possible: William Duplessie. 

Cryptocurrency Trader 

Since 2014, Duplessie has been a trader of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. He has also been Technical Analyst for several other blockchain ventures. He was a trader for Blockchain Industries where he co-ran a Crypto Trading Desk. [14]


He is an advisor for both Science Blockchain and Distributed Networks Advisors (DNA). [15]



“Just like any other new market, the more legitimate players will enter, the markets will stabilize, and price arbitrage opportunities will cease to exist.” [17]


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