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Billy Knight was an American​ Basketball player​ and coach known for his precise instructions in shot technique, and was deemed "The Shot master" by many of his students. [1]​ He was a top player for UCLA during the 2002 season. [2][3][4]


Professional Photo of Billy Knight he has shared on his Facebook page.


Early Life

Knight was born and raised in the state of California​ and lived there for most of his life. [5][6]​ He grew up in the city of Los Angeles and ever since he was a young kid, he showed promise in sports, particularly the game of Basketball​. [7]


He is a graduate and alum of Westchester High School where he became a basketball star and a top recruit. In the end, he decided with UCLA[8][9]



Youtube Video
Billy Knight on UCLA Basketball


After high school, he remained in his hometown of Los Angeles and attended UCLA. He studied and earned his Bachelor of Arts​ degree in Religion​. The Bruins went to the NCAA tournament all four of Knight's seasons under coach Steve Lavin, reaching the regional semifinals in each of his last three years. [10]​ During his entire college career, he was a top athlete and basketball player during his attendance from 1997-2002. [11]​ He averaged 14.1 points and 3.5 rebounds per game as a senior. [12]


Stats [13]​: 

1997-98UCLAPac-1024  2454.4441223.5221231.387811.727  21350  68
1999-00UCLAPac-1028  53117.4532854.5192563.3972132.656  5820151  152
2000-01UCLAPac-103218 80174.4604079.5064095.4215271.732263460182043953252
CareerUCLA 11751957303664.456166324.512137340.403195252.7746910525386799104125938


Billy Knight when he played for UCLA.


After UCLA, he played in the D-League, French, and Japanese leagues for many years. [14]​ Yet, he would put his skills and expertise of the game to work as a professional coach for several institutions and teams. [15]


Nishinomiya Storks [16]:


2013-14Nishinomiya StorksNBL Japan53521406.4336873.385117322.363130154.84486269355567614145133919
2014-15Nishinomiya StorksNBL Japan5212888.9262609.43044165.267118141.837471431903246912188686


Northern Arizona Suns


In the 2010s, after playing professionally for several years, he would become the basketball operations assistant for the Northern Arizona Suns, the Phoenix Suns​' developmental G-League affiliate, during the 2016-17 season. [17]​ He would then become the assistant coach for the seasons after. [18]​ 


Video of Billy Knight titled: "Billy Knight "I am Sorry Lord" 🙇🏿‍♂️", a video he shot of himself moments before taking his own life.

In The Media 


On Sunday morning of July 8th, 2018, Knight was found dead on a Phoenix roadway. [19]​ He was taken to the Maricopa hospital to determine the cause of his death. [20]​ Days prior, Billy had video recorded himself and posted it on his YouTube​ page where he reveals his battle with depression and expresses that people should get help for their mental health. [21][22]​ In the video he says the following:  "I am lost in life and I feel like there is no hope ... I just feel like I can't continue on." [23]


Personal Life

Knight had a social media following of supporters who appreciate his coaching skills in the art of shooting the basketball. [24][25]


He was to collaborate with LaVar Ball​ on branding before his death. [26]

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