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WHEN W1NT3R FELL is a 5 piece Post Hardcore band from Brooklyn , New York. Formed in January of 2013 by guitarist James Black and vocalist Jerry Ex. Black and Ex recruited the talents of bass player John “FISH” DeAngelis , drummer Damian Botte and bass player Chris Rayne.iN OCTOBER we recruited bass player Michael Shaw due to the departure of fish.
W.W.F are a collaboration of bands such as .. DEAD FLOWERS , UGLY LITTLE DOLL , BACKSLAP and VANITY KILLS to form a powerful super group of veteran performers who are no stranger to any scene ranging from the early new York hardcore scene to the metal scene of today and beyond . In their short span they have already recorded a powerful e.p. which resonates with ninties “real band feel” with explosive emotional vocal performances by frontman J(EX) to the ever powerful dual “SUPER” bass of FISH and RANYE , while the always eerie guitar melodies of J. BLACK lay the soundtrack to an all new experience while new comer DAMIAN rounds out the sound with drumming that takes you by the face and never lets go . All in all WHEN W1NT3R FELL will continue to do what they do best “ FORCE YOUR BODY TO MOVE FROM EVERY ANGLE WHILE THEY TAKE YOUR MIND ON A TRIP YOU WILL NOT WANT TO COME BACK FROM “ W.W.F WILL BE PLAYING ALL ACROSS THE EAST COAST, CATCH THEM AT A VENUE NEAR YOU . THEIR FIRST EFFORT “ DECIMATION” AVAILABLE ON NEW YORK H8 COUTURE RECORDS ON APRIL 20TH 2013 WORLD WIDE . FOR CONTACT REACH US AT : [email protected]
Like us on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/WHENWINTERFELL [+]
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