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WEIRD HOT is a six piece art-rock band fronted by musician, artist,
filmmaker and native Philadelphian, Shawn Kilroy. Kilroy, having already
released three solo albums, was looking to assemble a handful of artists
and musicians that could recreate and build on his complex, layered sound
to create a more long-term arrangement. In early 2011, Marc Sonstein
(drums), Joe Boyle (lead guitar/synth), Jenny Prescott (vocals/percussion),
Carrie Share (vocals/keyboard) and Justin Hallman (bass) came together,
pressed record, and Weird Hot was born.

Their first album Casimir was released in the Spring of 2011 and was
heralded by Deli Magazine as a "schizophrenic melding of disco-funk,
moody ‘90s alternative, and dark folk… taking a style being performed
by the masses and adding unexpected elements that transform it into a
style of its own." WH II was released in the Spring of 2012 and further
helped to establish the unique properties of the Weird Hot sound.

Heavily influenced by the music of David Bowie, Love & Rockets and
Pink Floyd, Kilroy is known for taking catchy, danceable melodies and
juxtaposing them lyrically with dark, haunting themes. Weird Hot--as
described by one fan--"will make you want to drive down an unpaved road
in an old Caddy convertible with a revolver in your lap and a strung out
hooker in the passenger seat... but you’ll be really jazzed about it.” [+]
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