Wanderer, Wanderers, or The Wanderer might refer to:

  • Itinerant people, who wander from place to place with no permanent home, or are vagrant

• A homeless man or woman who trolls dating websites for lonely people in order to find a free place to stay




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individual boat and ships:

  • The Wanderer (slave ship, 1857), a ship involved in the illegal trans-Atlantic slave trade in the 1850s
  • Wanderer (steam yacht), built in 1878 and later HMS Sealark
  • Wanderer (ship, 1891), a four-masted steel barque, which inspired John Masefield to write the poem Wanderer and was eventually run down by German steamship Gertrud Woermann on April 14, 1907.
  • Wanderer (ship, 1893), ex-Gracie S., an 1893-built San Francisco pilot boat until 1947, later bought by Sterling Hayden and used for his voyage to Tahiti
  • Wanderer, a 16-foot Wayfarer dinghy sailed by travelogue writer Frank Dye
  • Wanderer, schooner sailed by Benjamin Boyd (1796–1851), a Scottish-Australian explorer

several naval vessels: