Vinny is a masculine given name, usually a shortened version of Vincent, which might refer to:


  • Vinny Appice (born 1957), American rock drummer
  • Vinny Del Negro (born 1966), American retired National Basketball Association player and head coach
  • Vinny Faherty (born 1987), Irish footballer
  • Vinny Guadagnino (born 1987), American reality television personality and actor best known for his appearances on Jersey Shore
  • Vincent "Vinny" Parco, star of the reality television programme Parco P.I.
  • Vinny Rottino (born 1980), American Major League Baseball utility player
  • Vinny Samways (born 1968), English former footballer and manager
  • Vinny Testaverde (born 1963), American former National Football League quarterback


  • Vinny Burns (born 1965), English hard rock guitarist and producer
  • Vinny Cerrato, National Football League executive and former football player
  • Vinny Curry (born 1988), American National Football League player
  • Vinny Finigan (born 1989), English rugby league player
  • Vinny Golia (born 1946), American composer and musician
  • Vinny Lingham (born 1979), South African Internet entrepreneur
  • Vinny Vella (born 1950), American actor
  • Vinny Warren, American advertising creative director best known for his iconic Budweiser "Whassup?" campaign


  • Vinny Arora, Indian television actress
  • Vinicio Vinny Castilla (born 1967), Mexican-born former Major League Baseball player
  • Marvin Vinny Giles (born 1943), American amateur golfer
  • Viriato Vinny deMacedo (born 1965), American politician
  • Vinicius Vinny Magalhães (born 1984), Brazilian mixed martial artist
  • Vincenzo Vinny Paz (born 1962), American former boxer and world champion in several weight classes
  • Václav Prospal (born 1975), Czech retired National Hockey League player
  • Quoc Al Vinny Vinh, Vietnamese-American professional poker player

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