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I was inspired by my son to become a speaker/Anti-Abduction Advocate. In early 2009, my son almost became a victim of child abduction. That was a very unsettling experience. And yet, do you know what the most inspiring thing was about the entire situation? The fact that my son remembered exactly what he had been taught to do if ever he was approached by a stranger. After experiencing first hand the importance of Abduction awareness, I decided to share my son’s story with other children around the world. With the hope that somewhere, some child, and their family, would be educated on how to not become a victim of this horrifying crime. My purpose is to help prepare our children to become Abduction proof. The sad reality of the matter is that our children are being abducted now, more than ever before. The very streets and neighborhoods that we have all worked so feverishly to make safe for our children have become lurking grounds for predators. I feel that by sharing my son’s story with other children and parents around the world, it will help all of us become more aware, and more prepared.  We all play a huge part in not only helping to insure the safety of our own children, but we can work together to educate and insure the safety of all of our children. It’s time we educate our children to help prevent them from becoming the next victim. Child Abduction is on the rise and the only way to combat child abduction is by working together and educating our children. [+]
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