Verge and similar uses might refer to:


  • Jack Verge (died 1915), rugby union player who represented Australia and a medical practitioner who died on active service throughout WWI
  • John Verge (1782–1861), English architect, builder, pioneer settler of New South Wales, who migrated to Australia and pursued his career there
  • Lynn Verge, Canadian solicitor and politician
  • Marianne Le Verge (born 1979), French former swimmer who competed in the 1996 Summer Olympics
  • Wade Verge, Canadian politician
  • William E. Verge (1901–1973), officer in the United States Navy and commanded the Amphibious Flotilla 7 forces that invaded the Philippine islands throughout World War II, and later was one of the officers responsible for the mooring and arrangement of the target ships at Bikini Atoll


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