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Vanessa Grimaldi is an Italian-Canadian special education teacher in Montreal. She is known for being the winner of the reality show for Season 21 of The Bachelor[10]  

The Bachelor

Vaness Grimaldi accepts a rose on <a class="tooltippable" data-mce-href="/The_Bachelor_(season_21)/" data-username="The_Bachelor_(season_21)" href="/The_Bachelor_(season_21)/">The Bachelor (season 21)</a>
Vaness Grimaldi accepts a rose on The Bachelor (season 21)

Vanessa Grimaldi was one of the 30 women who participated in the 21st season of The Bachelor. It featured 36-year-old Nick Viall, a software sales executive from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.


Vanessa went on a 'zero-gravity' date with Nick.[31] She puked during the date, but Nick still comforted her and kissed her.[47] [48]


Vanessa Grimaldi made it to the finale with Raven Nicole Gates.


Since November 2016, rumors and other online publications reported that Vanessa would be one of the finalists on season 21 of The Bachelor. [12] On March 13, 2017, on the final episode, it was confirmed that Nick chose Grimaldi and asked for her hand in marriage; she said yes.[27] 

Nick Viall's Engagement Ring

Sources confirm that Nick Viall gave Vanessa Grimaldi a 4-carat diamond ring from Neil Lane worth $93,000.[52] [53] This is $7,000 less than the most expensive ring ever presented on The Bachelor; the record belongs to Ben Higgins, who presented a $100,000 ring to Lauren Bushnell in Season 20Shawn Booth presented a ring worth $150,000 on Season 11 of The Bachelorette.[54] 


Feud with Rachel Lindsay

It has been reported that Vanessa got into a fight with Bachelor contestant Rachel Lindsay during Week 7 of the show.[41] According to reality television commentator Reality Steve, Vanessa approached Rachel in Bimini. She felt that Rachel wasn’t being “real” with her, ostracizing her with the other women by rolling her eyes, and speaking to her in an intimidating tone.[41] Although Vanessa allegedly made Rachel feel uncomfortable, she disagreed with the claim that she was ostracizing her.[41]


Vanessa eventually told Rachel she told Nick about how Rachel felt about her, which escalated their feud.[41]


It was also claimed that Vanessa was insincere and that she would act one way on-camera and a different way off-camera when she was only with the bachelorettes.


Lindsay was eliminated when there were four bachelorettes left in the show.[42]


Vanessa Grimaldi is a special education teacher in Montreal and has been involved in many programs related to her field.[2]


Vanessa was an actress in the late 2000s. She was the co-host of Gameloft's YouTube video podcast for a few episodes.[16] [18] She was the co-host of Can your School Rock in 2010 and had a role in the TV show Blue Mountain State.[33]


In 2011, she played the role of Lola in the US TV series show of Being HumanThree years later in 2014, she played a small role in the TV miniseries Ascension.[6]

Personal Background

Vanessa Grimaldi was born and raised in  Montreal.[1] [11]


She is very family-oriented. She was raised with her sister Melissa and her younger brother Patrick.[38] [39]

Her parents are divorced but are on civil terms. She meets with her family for a three-hour lunch every Sunday afternoon. 

She also owns a part-poodle dog whom she calls her "lucky charm."[36]


Grimaldi's favorite food tie back to her Italian heritage. This includes pizza, burgers, biscotti, and panettone. She also enjoys leftover food.[36]


Vanessa Grimaldi is afraid of sharks, bees, and hurting people's feelings.[15] 


She believes her best attributes are her personality, drive to succeed, work ethic, and patience.[36]


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