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Vanessa is a Brooklyn based visual artist, athlete and activist, who combines her artistic endeavors with her dedication to sport and passion for social justice to enact change, each and every day of her life. Vanessa has used her experience in boxing as a vehicle to create empowerment and awareness within her students and through many social and political causes she champions. Some of her most noted social justice work includes facilitating HOPE, an event to preserve Tibetan Culture with His Holiness, Dalai Lama, and her instrumental role in resurrecting the Stop The Violence Movement with legendary Hip Hop activist/MC KRS One. Vanessa is the founder ART, ACTION, AWARENESS, youth outreach programs dedicated to building the self-esteem by supporting their artistic and athletic interests and talents. She is an Athlete Ambassador for Right To Play (righttoplay.com) and has spoken at the United Nations on their behalf. Vanessa is a Co-Director at Full Spectrum (fsexperience.com): A Convergence of Artists, Activists, Explorers & Thinkers and a sought after advisor to many initiatives which integrate art, sport and music through activism, including the Man Up Campaign (manupcampaign.org), brainchild of acclaimed journalist Jimmie Briggs, and Hip Hop Loves (hiphoploves.com). Vanessa is currently working on a book exploring Freedom through music. The book will feature her interactive 'Visual Verse' portraits of musicians, lyricists and emcees who have used music to liberate themselves and others with photographs from renowned photographer Jamel Shabazz, singer songwriter, Sonya Kitchell and more. Vanessa co-hosts a weekly blog radio show called 'Getting Back To Spirit' with groundbreaking author, R.A. Waldron that explores consciousness and awareness through a variety of cultural issues and interviews with cutting edge thinkers, celebrities, spiritual leaders, artists and activists. Recent and upcoming exhibitions include CA3, the DUMBO Loft, First Fridays at the The Bronx Museum, For the Love of Art, a Chelsea fundraiser for the Rema Hort Mann Foundation and Love Is The Law Of Life, a collective exhibition exploring and celebrating Haitian culture and tradition. [+]
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