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Throughout their teenage years, the members of Us and the Ship were plugging away at their musical projects. Every one of them. They all practiced, promoted, and committed themselves to the process of collaboration early. That discipline has really paid off the past three years. As musicians, they have taken what they learned in adolescence, focused on the finely tuned line-up that could accomplish the task, and gone to work on their debut recording, all while maintaining relationships and day jobs. This kind of motivation out of five early twenty-somethings is no small achievement in itself. The fact that they are making waves with their powerful live performances regionally only adds to the interest. The music that Us and the Ship plays has many seemingly opposing dynamics. The commanding Keith Tubbs helms this strange alchemy, soaring with emotional, testimonial vocals backed by the down-tempo explorations of his bandmates. Steeped in a strange combination of Southern- and alternative rock-influenced guitar work, along with a heavy-hitting rhythm section, the band is charming audiences with their enthusiastic spirit and contagious energy. [+]
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