Uproxx is an American digital media company that covers entertainment and culture. It was founded in 2008 by Jarret Myer and Brian Brater and acquired by Woven Digital in 2014. The site's target audience is males aged 18-34.


Uproxx was founded in 2008 by Jarret Myer and Brian Brater. The two additionally founded hip hop label Rawkus Records in 1996 and YouTube media company Big Frame in 2011. Uproxx was initially a network of blogs and formed when the founders partnered with the owners of additional blogs, including With Leather and FilmDrunk.

Uproxx was acquired by Woven Digital in April 2014. Myer joined Woven as general manager of publishing.

In December 2014, Woven raised US$18 million in Series A funding. A portion of the capital was allocated to growing Uproxx through staff hires and video development, including new web series. Uproxx acquired Dime Magazine in January 2015 to expand the sports division of the site.


Uproxx is a news and discussion website that's geared toward millennials, specifically males aged 18-34. The site covers viral news storeys related to entertainment and culture, with an emphasis on sports, film, TV, and music. Uproxx is divided into verticals including Entertainment, Sports, and Life, each of which comprises multiple blogs. These blogs include The Smoking Section, which covers hip hop and culture; With Spandex, about pro wrestling; GammaSquad, covering "geek" culture; Real Talk, a hip hop blog; and Dime Magazine, which focuses on basketball. In addition, Uproxx offers a platform for live Q&As with celebrities and creators to promote upcoming projects.


Video makes up a significant portion of the site's content and Uproxx produces both original and sponsored video.

In 2013, Uproxx partnered with 5-Second Films to produce longer content for Uproxx Video on YouTube. Since its acquisition by Woven, Uproxx has placed more emphasis on video content and released several web series.

The site launched "Luminaries", its first original series in January 2015. The show profiles young inventors and the first two episodes generated 18.5 million views within the first four months. The series was nominated for a Webby Award in 2015.

The site's second series, a parodic news series called The Desk, debuted in March 2015. The next month, in April 2015, Uproxx began a documentary series centred on pop culture called Uproxx Docs. It commenced with a three-part piece about rock band Guns N’ Roses.

Also in 2015, Uproxx launched several sponsored video series. Among these were "Uncharted: Power of Dreams", a show that profiles rising musicians, with Honda, and "Human", a video series about artisans and others who preserve traditional work, sponsored by Coors Banquet. Human won an OMMA award in 2015.

Staff and operations

Uproxx is headquartered in Culver City, California.

The editorial staff is led by editor-in-chief Brett Michael Dykes, editorial director Kris Maske, and creative director Ryan Perry. The company's video production is overseen by chief creative officer Benjamin Blank.

In 2015, the site hired Chris Mottram, formerly of SB Nation, to be managing editor of Uproxx Sports and Keith Phipps of film website The Dissolve to be editorial director of TV and Film.

Other staff members include Steve Bramucci, managing editor of the site's Life section, Brandon Stroud, pro wrestling editor, Ashley Burns, long form editor, Mike Ryan, senior entertainment writer, and Vince Mancini, senior film writer.