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Tyrant the God of Music, the Freestyle King, Mr. 365 Freestyles, Louisville's Lyrical Leader is not your average Independent Rap Artist of today. Tyrant born Tony F. Martin Jr. on August 14. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, but as a child moved with his parents to Louisville, Ky. Well known for his incredible unique wordplay, Versatile Freestyle off the head skills and lyrical rapping, he won 100's of Rap battles, from the streets of Louisville, and being the First battler to put on for Louisville's Dope16.com, also battling in Nashville, to Chicago, to Detroit, to LA, to MTV2 Fight Klub, and 106&Park; Freestyle Friday, until he retired in 2011 winning his last battle for $10k. Showcasing his music talent Tyrant also did something no one else have done, uploading a Real Freestyle everyday on YouTube for the whole year not missing a single day becoming known as Mr. 365 freestyles.
Tyrant have always had a talent for music, but it was at the age of 10, where he won concert tickets for his parents on a Radio station freestyle contest, that he knew then Rap was his God given talent. As a teen Tyrant started a group called YNH (Young N Heartless), and his on label Heartless Records. Influenced by Artist such as Tupac, Too Short, Jay-Z, Nas, Kool G Rap, Rich The Factor and CamRon, he incorporated in his music until he developed his own different style to stand out from other artist. With infinite intelligence of Music, Tyrant is involved in all types genres of Music, he watches and studying the music industry, learning and perfecting his own craft, determined to become the Greatest Rapper/Artist of all time. Raised in a drug infested West end part of Louisville, it wasn't long before he go involved with drugs, and the streets. With no means to work for the next man, not having no sponsors or big names behind him Tyrant used his own money to fund his music, with buying beats, studio time, and starting his own record label, Heartless Records becoming independent.
Recently just moved to the West coast, living in Las Vegas, NV Tyrant is now working on his new music, shows and focused on his new up coming album not entitled yet, but released two new Hit Singles from the album. Track "Back To the Middle" produced by Scott Supreme is the first single released. It's something for the clubs, and Ladies to dance and twerk to, with an up tempo DJ Mustard type beat that gives you a West coast vibe. Track "Lime Light" produced by The Cratez featuring Top Billboard artist, Louisville friend and native Bryson Tiller on the hook, is the second released single from the Album. "Lime Light" another club banger but more lyrical with a smooth type beat that gives you a good positive feeling.
With his God given talent he plans to prove to the true fans of music, that he is the greatest of all time and take over the Music Industry, hence the name "TYRANT"! Aiming for the top to be recognized as the G.O.A.T before its all said and done, to travel the world and send a message threw his music. Not for the money or fame but for the love of Music. Coming from a city that's not typically known for music, its hard to get recognition but Tyrant plans to change that putting by Louisville on the map. Never missing a beat shouting out Louisville the 502 in all his music and videos to let the fans and people know where it all came from. If Muhammad Ali the Greatest Boxer of all time can come from a city such as Louisville, Kentucky well so can the Greatest Rapper!
"God Over Everything, Money Over Ignorance"-TYRANT [+]
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