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Tub Geometry is a really unique Rock-Rap group. Based out of Chicago, this group formed in 2012 when drummer CJ Grandberry and front man Kevin Deely were able to coax guitarist Ryan Smith and bass player Jonathan Kolar into this hard-sell of a genre.

What came next happened to be exactly what the musicians were looking for: Enigmatic poems guided through incendiary jams queued by vocal and percussive inflammation that navigate changes in the performances without a set dictation. This lack of boundaries undulates through these live performances, giving Tub G. the space to experiment in every show without exception, leaving a feeling of intended psychedelia coursing through the captivated crowds.

Their continued determination to progress as musicians and individuals guarantees they will always be breaking new ground, exciting listeners who have become fatigued by the onslaught of monotony that has been plaguing their ear drums, slowly chipping away at their vivacity.

Tub Geometry is vibrant, and evolving. To hear them live is to hear them at their best. [+]
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