Trussardi [trusˈsardi] is an Italian fashion house, founded in 1911. It began as a leather glove manufacturer, and expanded its line to additional leather goods in the 1970s after Nicola Trussardi took over from his uncle. In the 1980s the company started production of ready-to-wear clothing, in addition to products including perfumes and jeans. By the 1990s Trussardi was selling internationally, with its largest markets in Italy and Japan. As of 2014 Tomaso Trussardi is CEO, Gaia Trussardi is Creative Director, and Maria Luisa Trussardi is President of the Trussardi Group.



Trussardi was founded in 1911 by Dante Trussardi, as a leather glove maker, selling to the public and to the Italian army throughout World War II until it surrendered to Allied Forces. After his death, Dante's nephew took over the business.


In 1970 Nicola Trussardi took over from his grandfather Dante, after he was killed in a hunting accident. His wife Marialuisa additionally joined the company, creative director. During the 1970s Nicola Trussardi adapted to changing fashion trends by diversifying into additional leather goods and accessories, and eventually non-leather apparel. He started with goods such as wallets, suitcases, belts and shoes, with a new greyhound logo. Nicola took full control of the company after the death of his father.


The company released its first perfume in 1980, named "Trussardi", followed in 1983 by "Trussardi Uomo" for men. Now full head of the company, Nicola launched the first Trussardi women's ready-to-wear line in 1983, followed by a men's line in 1984. Trussardi Jeans was founded in 1986.

The company later added perfume, sport and home lines. By 1985 the brand had 120 stores around the world. The company additionally developed interior designs for private aircraft and helicopters. Around this time they entered the US market, with sections in department stores in addition to boutiques, and initial franchise locations in Beverly Hills, Atlanta, Miami, and San Francisco. The first Bloomingdales location opened in 1985, with opera singer Luciano Pavarotti in attendance for the grand opening. In Milan, the company held their ready-to-wear runway shows in offbeat locations, including the Piazza Duomo, La Scala, or the Milan railway station. In 1989 the company launched its first eyewear line. In 1993, the company opened a research and development centre in Brindisi, which initially focused on raw material research, new fabrics, and changing packaging to be more environmentally friendly.


The company additionally developed brand-name stores with two lines. The first were Trussardi stores that sold Trussardi fashion goods. The second were called T-Stores, which sold the company's lifestyle line. Goods found at a T-Store can include jeans, sports lines, bicycles, tableware, and confections. The first three stores opened in 1995 in Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Seoul. In 1996, Trussardi released the first official T-Store line of casual clothing, focusing especially on basics. The three initial lines for the collection were Trussardi Sport, Jeans, and T-store, each produced by the company Sosab—owned by Nicola Trussardi and operating out of Modena, Italy. The company's first New York City store opened in 1996 as well. That year the turnover for the company, including licenses, was $530 million. They additionally opened a new store in Milan within Nicola Trussardi's redeveloped Marino Alla Scala across from the La Scala opera hall. The complex additionally houses a bar, restaurant, and store.

The Trussardi family

By this time the company had seven fragrances, with about one third of fragrance sales being done in Europe and two-thirds abroad. In 1998 Trussardi launched a new eyewear line, with both perscription and sun glasses, in addition to a line of time pieces. In 1992 Trussardi licenced its Trussardi Levriero and Trussardi Action lines to the Japanese company C. Itoh for about $1.4 billion over five years. At the time, Japan accounted for about seventy percent of the company's total exports out of Italy, and there were about 200 Trussardi Levriero stores in the country. Following its partnership with C. Itoh, Nicola Trussardi founded Teijin Ltd, intending it to be Trussardi's long-term partner in the country. In 2003 Trussardi took on Mitsui as its partner in Japan, ending its relationship with Teijin.


Francesco Trussardi, Nicola's son, became chairman of the brand after his father's death in 1999. His sister Beatrice additionally took a leadership position with the company. After her brother's death in 2003, Beatrice became president and CEO of the fashion house, staying president until Maria Luisa Trussardi took over the position. In 2006 the brand hired Eric Wright, who had previously designed for Fendi, to be the house's head designer. In 2008 Trussardi launched the super high-end line of brand Trussardi dal 1911, designed by Milan Vukmirovic. In 2011 Umit Benan Sahin became the label's creative director, and in 2013 Sahin was replaced by Gaia Trussardi. Prior to fitting creative director for the mainline collections, Gaia had already served as the creative director for Tru Trussardi and Trussardi Jeans. The current head and CEO of the company is Tomaso Trussardi. For the fortieth anniversary of their logo, Yuko Shimizu produced an animated short film entitled "Sky Watcher".

Modern collections

Current collections for the fashion house are Trussardi, Tru Trussardi, and Trussardi Jeans. Each of these lines has their own stand-alone stores and covers different aspects of the house's customer base: traditional, a younger crowd, and casual.


Trussardi is the mainline collection of the fashion house, which releases the group's ready-to-wear line and couture collections. It designs clothing for both men and women. The 2014 collection was partially inspired by the films of Jean-Luc Godard and Francois Truffaut. Nicole Phelps wrote of the Trussardi line that, "The Trussardi family business is one of Italy's ultimate heritage houses, with a century-plus history of leather goods artisanship."

Tru Trussardi

Tru Trussardi is the house's more casual collection, with its own stand alone stores. Tru Trussardi releases clothing and accessories.

Trussardi Jeans

Trussardi Jeans is the denim line for the fashion house, founded in 1986. The line produces casual wear for both men and women.

Trussardi Junior

Trussardi Junior is the fashion house's children's clothing line, first released in 1983 alongside the company's first ready-to-wear collections. There are two collections for Trussardi Junior, the main collection and the top collection. In 2013 Trussardi licenced the creation of the line to Italian fashion house Pinco Pallino through 2018.

Home decor

For home décor Trussardi additionally produced MY Design, with the MY standing for industrial designer Michael Young. His collection was released in 2011, and was inspired by Nicola's work on the interior of aircraft in the 1980s. Trussardi Casa, the collection's current furniture line, was released and presented in 2014 at the Milan Furniture Fair.


Ristorante Trussardi alla Scala

The brand additionally continues to provide an eyewear line for both protective and prescription lenses, as well as a perfume line. Its line of perfumes (Trussardi Parfums) has expanded to 28 varieties. In the 2013-14 season, Trussardi additionally began designing the off-field uniforms for Juventus Football Club. In 2014, Trussardi formed a partnership with Morellato for the Trussardi Orologi line of Swiss made timepieces. That year the company additionally formed a partnership with Tollegno 1900 to produce a line of underwear, nightwear and beachwear.

Ristorante Trussardi Alla Scala

Founded in 2006, Ristorante Trussardi Alla Scala has received two Michelin stars. The first was received in 2008 and the next in 2009, given to executive chef Andrea Berton. Attached is the Cafè Trussardi, which houses an open courtyard overlooking the square, and its glass walls additionally face Teatro alla Scala and the additional buildings on the promenade.


Nicola Trussardi's children and additional family members are frequently used in the company's print and television advertising campaigns. This has included Gaia Trussardi, directed in a commercial for the perfume My Name by Gabriele Salvatores, and Tomaso Trussardi's Wim Wenders' directed commercial for the scent My Land. In 2014 photographer William Wegman produced a print campaign for Trussardi, featuring photographs of the company's trademark greyhounds adorned with Trussardi clothing and accessories.