Troglodyte means cave-dweller, from the Greek trogle "hole, mouse-hole" and dyein "go in, dive in", so literally "cave goer", "cave diver". The term was created in antiquity for the Troglodytae or Troglodyti (see below).

Troglodyte and derived forms might refer to:


  • Troglodytae or Troglodyti, an ancient group of people from the African Red Sea coast


Arts and fiction

  • The Troglodytes, a British band who became known as The Troggs
  • Troglodyte, a 2009 film additionally known as Sea Beast
  • "Troglodyte (Cave Man)", a funk song by the Jimmy Castor Bunch on their 1972 album It's Just Begun
  • Troglodyte (Dungeons & Dragons), a race of humanoid monsters in the game Dungeons & Dragons
  • Troglodites, a fictional tribe described in Montesquieu's Persian Letters, supposedly descending from the ancient Troglodytae
  • Troglodytes, Max Stones' lavamen workers who mine gold, in a segment from Sealab 2021
  • Troglodytes (book), a 2010 book by Ed Lynskey

  • Caveman, a stock character based upon widespread concepts of the way in which early prehistoric humans might have looked and behaved
  • Morlocks, a fictional species created by H. G. Wells for his 1895 novel, The Time Machine
  • Trog (disambiguation)
  • Troglobite, a cave animal
  • Troglodistes, a vegetarian sub-group of French rebels in the film Delicatessen by Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet