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“Bringing modern fusion to the world!”

TRIBE Inc is on a mission to bring modern fusion music to the world! Modern fusion is the joining of two or more current musical styles into one creation. For example, TRIBE Inc’s original song Slums sets a Jazz-like chord movement on top of a DC-style funk beat, locally known as Go-Go. Wurly uses an R’n’B style melodic structure with a beat switching between Rockabilly and Progressive Rock. The closing song from Road to Destiny, Rain, takes a Samba and sets it to a Drum and Bass beat, all in the odd time signature of 7/4.

The four-piece band is led by founder and bassist Reginald Payne, along with pianist Ignatius Perry, Jr. Other members include saxophonist Brian Forehand and drummer Tyron Sampson. The group’s musical backgrounds include: Hip-Hop, Jazz, Drum and Bass, Funk, House, Neo-Soul, Classical, Gospel, Reggae, Latin music, and many others.

“As musicians, we have the creative power to bring out what we feel. People are complex individuals, we feel mixed emotions and feelings all the time. That is what we try to portray in our music.” – Pianist and co-founder Ignatius Perry, Jr.

As with fusion of the past, improvisational expression is a core fundamental in modern fusion. Melodic improvisation is when a musician composes relevant melodies as they execute them on their instrument. With modern times has come an update in technology and the advent of electronic/experimental music. TRIBE Inc branches beyond the traditional melodic bounds of improvisational expression to the Aural scape through the use of various effects and sound synthesis.

Soundscape designers for film and other media use electronic synthesis everyday to create an ambience, and evoke emotion in their listeners. TRIBE Inc applies these same concepts to their music. Each song has a specific emotion or feeling attached it, and so does the sound scape in the “voice” of the instruments. Combining electronic synthesizers with analog instruments and effects, TRIBE Inc’s improvisation is in their own voice, with their own melodic ideas.

“New sounds and effects inspire new ideas. And in improvisation, it’s all about exploring new ideas.” – Reginald Payne, bassist and founder

TRIBE Inc’s Debut album, Road to Destiny, releases September 7, 2013. The band is doing a DC and surrounding metropolitan areas tour this August, starting in Baltimore. Through stylistic variety and Aural, as well as melodic, improvisation, TRIBE Inc ushers in a new era of Fusion: Modern Fusion.
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