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Tony Bannioni otherwise known by his Wikipedia​ username TonyBallioni is an administrator of English Wikipedia​.[1][3]



Bannioni has been accused by Gender Desk of leading a rogue group of Wikipedia administrators to implement a rule change whereby users who have been blocked and then caught using sockpuppets​ are banned indefintely from the community. Along with TonyBallioni, other admins who supported the implementation of this rule change were :


Jayron32, Ajraddatz, Dennis Brown, Amory (User:Amorymeltzer), Hut 8.5, GAB (User:GeneralizationsAreBad), ♠PMC♠ (User:Premeditated Chaos, currently an arbitrator), Kudpung กุดผึ้ง , Dennis Brown, Yamla, Dirk Beetstra, Malcolmxl5,  Mz7,  Nyttend,  Agathoclea,  Doc James , Thryduulf, NeilN, Bishonen, Ben MacDui & Nick-D[1]

Bannioni is also leader of the Wikipedia New Page Patrol. Gender Desk have also noted Bannioni supporting the introduction of a rule whereby only users with autoconfirmed status are allowed to make new pages and argued that the motivation behind this being to move work from the New Page Patrol to the Articles For Creation project. Gender Desk also allege that he has mocked new users and used threats.[2]

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