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Tipsy Bartender is an online video blog which features exotic drinks. Skyy John hosts the web show, featuring one other co-host for each episode. 



Through FacebookYouTubeTwitter and Instagram, the company promotes it's featured alcoholic beverages. [4][6][1]


They are very creative drinks, like the Blue Lagoon, the Georgia Peach, The Smokin' Hot Ginger, the Harley Quinn, and many other drinks. These feature strong mixes of LiquorMixersFruitCondiments and Colorings. The final product is a colorful, extravagant drink that has character and attitude. [22]


Artistic Value

There is a level of creativity to each of the drinks created on the show. Some of them are user submissions, others are twists on popular drinks. The clips are shot inside Skyy's apartment in Los Angeles, California, featuring phenomenal views. 


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