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Timothy Ceaser, often spelled Caesar,  is 22 year old from Croydon, Pennsylvania​ who went missing around the time of the Sean Kratz​ and Cosmo DiNardo​ murders. Many initially believed that Timothy's disappearance was connected to the murders however police found their was no connection. Timothy Ceasar was found alive in a New York​ hospital on Thursday, October 12, 2017. [31]​ [30]​ [2]​ [1]

Personal Life

Timothy Ceaser grew up in Northeast Philadelphia​ and has at various times lived with an aunt in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania​, and another in Mullica Hill, New Jersey​. Most recently, he was living in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania[32]


Timothy had various medical issues, including suffering from Charcot-Marie-Tooth​ disease, a neurological disorder​.  [32][2][3]​ [30]


On June 1st, 2017, he was reported missing after his family and friends

Posted near the streets in the neighborhood where the tragedies have unfolded.

received no signs of his presence anywhere. He was last seen at the 7-Eleven​ that's located at Bristol and Neshaminy Roads. [4][5]


Reports indicate that the last known sighting was around 11:45 a.m. He was walking away from his mother's vehicle, which was parked in the area. [6]​ 


When he was last seen, he wore a black hoodie over a white shirt that had a multi-colored hood. He had blue jeans with tan and black shoes manufactured by Nike. It is believed that he was carrying a black toiletry bag, a black jeff cap, and tan slippers. [29]


 On Thursday, October 12, 2017 Timothy Ceasar walked into a hospital in New York​ and provided staff with his mother's name and phone number. His mother and family then headed to New York mid-morning Thursday to reunite with the Timothy, said Marc Bourne, a licensed investigator and co-founder of Know It All Intelligence Group. [30]​ [31]

Connections to Cosmo DiNardo

On July 10, 2017, DiNardo was arrested at his residence and charged with a firearms possession offense from February 2017. [7][8]​   The FBI and local authorities searched his property in connection to disappearances of Dean Finocchiaro​,  Mark Sturgis​,  Thomas Meo​, and Jimi Tar Patrick​. [9]​ 


Screenshot of the Direct Message sent by Cosmo DiNardo​ to Timothy's Girlfriend.

On July 13, 2017, authorities announced in a press conference that the remains of one of the missing four men, Dean Finocchiaro, were found in a 12-foot hole on the property of Cosmo's parents. [10]​ [19]


Additional remains were also discovered, that were identified as the remaining missing men. [19]


DiNardo later confessed to the killings of the men, in exchange of not receiving the death penalty. On July 14, 2017, DiNardo's cousin, Sean Kratz​ was also arrested. [12]​ 


On social media​, members of the community shared their thoughts about

Text message from a close family friend of the DiNardo's who was present in court.

the bodies that have been uncovered at the DiNardo property, and speculated that Timothy could also have been a victim. [13][14]


Users have shared the direct messages that Cosmo apparently sent Timothy's girlfriend sometime before he went missing. Cosmo would sexually harass Timothy's girlfriend by sending sexist messages on her Instagram​ trying to get her in bed with him. [15][16][17]​ Suspicions from social media users have increased and some have contacted authorities about the possibility that Timothy may be another victim of DiNardo and Kratz. [18]​ The investigation agency Know it All Intelligence Group, currently investigating Timothy as a missing person, has disputed these claims.




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