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Tijuana Bullfight- The original Southern California Sludge- is a big, haunting quartet with members emerging from the OC punk, LA underground scene…..and, have nothing to do with any bullfight and or harming of any animal. We are SLUDGE PUNK. The band hails from Southern California, after two, now expired, record deals, the band has established TJBF Global LLC. too facilitate all aspects of music, clothing and branding of TJBF &TIJUANA; BULLFIGHT.

TJBF's self titled debut, two US tours and Radio success of "Terrified Teenagers" and “BLEED” has enabled them snag invitations to perform and support some heavy heights in the Rock and Punk world, yet as the music biz was changing it ultimately ended and up with the band's debut record being shelved, then shopped for another year. "Our tour bus broke down (transmission) in Odessa, TX at the venue of a gig. Its was mid-summer 100 degrees, A/C broken, our manager at the time decided to back the bus
into the shade at the venue while we were at lunch, well an hour later when the sun moved the bus was now backed into a wall in the sun with now way to put it in drive, "sweltering" can only describe it. We called the label and they said "Tough, figure it out!. We are bankrupt. We pooled our credit cards and called every family member for help. The drive back to LA was "numbing". We think the only reason they actually let us get the rights back to the record was because of THAT experience, and how they handled it. Not to mention we had a really cut-throat attorney who was also a friend of a band members family. HE TOOK CARE OF IT!

On our debut record legendary mixer Jack Endino (Nirvana), Ralph Patlan (Megadeth) worked feverishly to capture the core of the big TJBF sound. Feature Film and TV placements struck notice with MTV's reality series "Real World" and "Road Rules" who consistently licensed from the band.

TJBF has recently been splitting time writing in Scott Weiland’s (Stone Temple Pilots) “Lavish Studios” and the legendary Entourage studio in North Hollywood, CA, which acts as home base for the band recordings. The bands Southern California popularity and fan base, garnered industry attention, which led them to work with top producers on their long awaited sophomore release tentatively entitled "SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA". TJBF enlisted the talents of producer/engineer Douglas Grean (Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver) and engineer Ashburn Miller (Deadsy, Orgy) along with friend and mentor Grammy award winning producer the late-Mike Shipley (Sex Pistols, Def Leppard, Papa Roach). Rae Dileo (Filter) finished the final mix. "Writing, recording and working at two different studios with different producers and engineers allowed us to create something fresh and eclectic yet staying true to our punk, sludge roots". With creative line up in tack, originality brought on by inspiring musical idols and icons, the product is uniquely their own, TJBF anticipate that their new album will "slap you on the ass, then have you begging for more" … rabid fans call their sound "The Heavy" and you can too with the new release out this spring, followed by the first tour in 3 years.

The Bullfight Cometh! Again no animals harmed in the making of this record.
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