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Tiffany Del Real (b. November 29, 1990) is a YouTuber, actress, and producer. She is known for her videos on JustKiddingFilms.

Early Life & Education

Tiffany Del Real was born in San Francisco, California. Her parents divorced when she was 7 years old. [9] She has 8 half-siblings: 5 on her dad's side and 3 on her mom's side. However, out of all 9 children, she is the only child with her distinct set of parents.[10]


During her teenage years, she was having problems with her mother. When Del Real was 15 years old, her mother sent her to Mexico to live with her father. In that year alone, she lived in 6 different cities. It was also the year she got her first job and learned how to live more independently.[9]


Tiffany Del Real records videos for JustKiddingFilms. She also does PR and merchandise for the company.


She has made appearances on Access Hollywood and Inside Edition.

Personal Life

Tiffany Del Real got married to Casey Chan in September 2017;[8] they became a couple around 2012 and got engaged in 2016.[0] They now have a baby son named Isaac, along with two cats.[10]


  • Tiffany Del Real considers herself a pretty adventurous person: she's been skydiving, jet skiing, parasailing, swam with dolphins, and even ate a live octopus. She considers the time she skydived the best experience of her life.[9]
  • Tiffany tends to have very vivid dreams. She also has to sleep on her back; otherwise, she'll get very intense nightmares.[9]
  • When she was in the third grade, Del Real accidentally shaved off parts of her eyebrows in an attempt to act like a grown-up.[10]
  • Del Real has a fear of lit firecrackers. When she was 11 years old, Tiffany's mom let her light her first firecracker. She had a terrifying moment where her mom used her as a shield to protect her from all the crackers.[9]
  • She must always have lip balm at all times. She carries two lip balms in her purse, two lip balms in her car, and two lip balms at work.[10]
  • During her childhood, Tiffany moved about 36 times.[9]
  • She has a magnet collection. When she travels, she collects them and puts them on her fridge.[9]
  • Tiffany has to sleep on her back; otherwise, she'll get very intense nightmares.[9]
  • Her favorite number is 3.[10]
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