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Originally formed by members James Coker (drums) and Michael Marchand (guitarist) in November of 2008 under a different moniker, the band searched to find its sound and fill out its lineup over an eight month period. Through The Ashes re-imagined its sound and lineup several times, “Our biggest challenge was finding a singer that fit what we were doing, it became so frustrating that at one point I think we even considered being an instrumental band” (-Mike Marchand)

As fate would have it they got what they were looking for when guitarist Tyler Granado was added to the lineup. “The first time we jammed with Tyler I knew it was going to work, all of a sudden our guitar sound expanded ten fold” (- Drummer James Coker)

With Tyler in tow he (Tyler) called upon his good friend Brad Brockway to fill vocal duties. “I think we were just shocked at how well it came together” (-The Band) Now with a full lineup including original bassist Mark Sweat, the band worked hard at honing its sound and booking shows to establish themselves in the local scene.

“I built a studio in my house and began doing demo’s for our band under the assumption that it would get us better shows” says guitarist Mike Marchand. An unexpected result from the demos was people from all different areas of the music industry started taking notice…..but at the same time some internal issues arose around the bands bassist and he could no longer continue with the band. This was a heavy blow to the band. The band did not go down for the count as a friend recommended a guy. “We got this guys number and gave him a call. Didn’t know if he would pan out or not” The guy was Travis Harker.

“We looked once, made one call, and BAM we had our dude, we had never seen somebody learn material as quickly as Travis. You show him something, a riff or melody, one time and he’s got it!” - The Band

With a new bassist, the band re-cut the bass tracks with Travis and began casually shopping their demos to producers and studios. “We knew we needed somebody to take us to the next level”, enter THE MAN, producer Don Dibiase. With his extensive credentials (Modern Day Escape, Beneath The Sky, Forever in Terror) and being a StandBy Records “in-house” producer the band felt blessed to have the opportunity for Don to do their record.

In the Summer/Fall of 2011 the band traveled to Studio D Productions in Cleveland, OH to begin cutting the tracks on what would become “End Of Days 2012” their first full length studio release. The album has a release slotted for Spring 2012 and the band is excited and fully prepared to make 2012 their biggest year to date!

See you soon at a venue near you…..TTA! [+]
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