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Thomas H. Henriksen is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. His current research focuses on American foreign policy in the post-Cold War world, international political affairs, and national defense. Henriksen specializes in the study of U.S. diplomatic and military courses of action toward terrorist havens, such as Afghanistan, and the so-called rogue states, including North Korea, Iraq, and Iran. He also concentrates on armed and covert interventions abroad. Henriksen's most recent book is American Power after the Berlin Wall (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007), which examines for the first time, in a single volume, U.S. foreign policy from 1989 to the present through the prism of America’s interventions around the world. Other recent books include an edited volume titled Foreign Policy for America in the 21st Century: Alternative Perspectives (Hoover Institution Press, 2001), Using Power and Diplomacy to Deal with Rogue States (Hoover Essays in Public Policy, 1999), and the edited collection North Korea after Kim Il Sung (Hoover Institution Press, 1999). He also authored or edited the following books and monographs: One Korea? Challenges and Prospects for Reunification (1994); The New World Order: War, Peace, and Military Preparedness (1992); Revolution and Counterrevolution: Mozambique's War of Independence (1983); The Struggle for Zimbabwe: Battle in the Bush (1981); Soviet and Chinese Aid to African Nations (1980); and Mozambique: A History (1978). His book Mozambique: A History was chosen for the Outstanding Book Award for African History by Choice. [+]
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