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Initially growing up close to two thousand miles away from each other, the duo now known as The Blancos fused together at a time where genres were colliding, calling for a sound that had yet to be exposed.

Rooted in the heart of New York City, the challenge to describe two individuals so strikingly similar yet conversely different has become more challenging every day. They're a musical universe unto themselves, expanding at a nearly immeasurable rate, ever more hard to define - as a mind-blowing musical entity that collaboratively creates all music they conceive.

And there's much practice there; The Blancos have been working behind closed doors for the better part of the last eight years. Their sound is genre defying, incorporating every denomination under the sun making it impossible to put your finger what makes "it" so special.

As men of few words, they're quietly grateful that the music they make has immediately connected with so many. And it seems that, in the future music world, The Blancos will always be nearby yet impossible to find. The rumors may fly hard in every direction but remain defiantly unverifiable.

Perhaps The Blancos will never fully reveal themselves. But if the music thus far is any indication, their sound bears Nirvana's depth of feeling, Kanye West's emotive theatrics, and wild courage not seen since The Doors. So behold this grungy dyad - a tandem that may not be easily located, but won't be strangers either. [+]
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