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Buffalo Stack Productions represents two acts - The Stacks - a duo featuring Andy Stack (guitar, vocals) and Tania Elizabeth Stack (fiddle/guitar, vocals), and Buffalo Stack - a 3-7 piece band led by Andy Stack, with Tania sitting in when she's not on tour with The Avett Brothers.

"Buffalo Stack is an easy band to like. The ensemble’s debut record is a mix of various styles, including rock, soul, country, and blues. Saying that, though, gives the music short shrift because in some ways it almost seems indefinable…the band is a cohesive unit…(Andy Stack's) guitar playing is never flashy, but it’s surprising, soulful, and always in the right place. ...he has an engaging, pure voice…here’s hoping the group will build up a strong enough following to be around a while and make more great music." - JOHN HEIDT, Vintage Guitar Magazine, Feb 2015

"With slide blues guitar, gospel organ chords, New Orleans-style horns, and group harmonies, bluesy roots-rockers Buffalo Stack can’t help but recall Woodstock heroes the Band. In fact, it was at Levon Helm’s barn in Woodstock that husband-and-wife Andy and Tania Stack of Hudson – at the time performing as a duo called the Stacks - met bassist Brandon Morrison, drummer Lee Falco, and guitarist Connor Kennedy, the other musicians who would soon join them to become Buffalo Stack, who at their hardest hitting and blues-rockingest recall Black Keys or White Stripes. " - Helsinki Hudson

"Before the band got through the chorus of their first song, “Maryanne,” I was hooked… Stack is one of the most expressive guitar players I’ve heard recently…By this point in the show, it was clear that the comparisons to the Band and Jack White fell short. The songs had the same kinds of country-fied, gospelly, bluesy pop-rock progressions, and that made them all feel familiar, but that doesn’t make Andy Stack the musical descendant of Levon Helm any more than Bill Clinton is the musical student of George Clinton. All the members of Buffalo Stack have clearly been listening to heavy doses of the same things that Helm and Danko listened to — and inspired — but this is new music. Buffalo Stack’s self-titled album was recorded in Hudson and is available from all the usual online stores. It deserves regular play in your roots-rock music rotation" - Eric Gleason, Nippertown

"The thing about Buffalo Stack is that it's a love story as much as a band story. Yes, Andy and Tania literally met and fell in love with each other inside the world of music. But, that's not where it ends. There is a tangible and enviable love for the craft, the beauty and the inherent charm of making it as a musician that emboldens each and every member of the band to transcend "ordinary" and become "extraordinary". Buffalo Stack is a tale of love of the music trade. It's great Rock 'n' Roll and Blues infused flights of sound. The musicians are top of the stack. The music is top of the stack. And that's LOVE, baby, of music!" - SurfRock Music
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