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Matt has had a busy summer. He plays bass for one band, sings for another, and has been
diligently fine-tuning the final touches for his third, but favorite, project -
the next Self- Depricants album, Dreams,​on which he wrote and performed. On a path similar
to those taken by many projects among friends, Matt is the band’s core member. Filling in the rest
of the Self-Depricants ​are friends and family who contribute, inspire, or donate their time to the
project. Steve Jones, for example, contributed amazing pedal steel guitar work for this album.
Recorded in a house built during the Great Depression, the choice was made to join the
movement of do-it-yourself artists and naturally approach recording this new bank of songs with
the sparse resources at hand. This return to simplicity gave a freedom to bring the core of each
song to the forefront.
Matt’s songwriting emerges from a love of music spanning decades and genres. While some
musical moments tip their hats to innovation, others solidly plant their feet in the syntax of
familiar rock music from the Beatles to today. Listen closely for references like the hint of Steve
Winwood’s keyboard from “While You See A Chance” in the song “It’s You I Miss.”
With great anticipation Matt is gearing up for shows where he can gauge the crowd’s feedback to
these new songs. So far, of the friends he has played a few songs for, one said “Endless gave me
chills.” Another welled up with tears at "Things That Saved My Life"​. And a few fellow songwriters
were engagingly impressed with "These Rails​". Matt expects you’ll enjoy a few as well. [+]
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