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The Sak is a casual, California-cool lifestyle collection of hand-crafted crochet and textured leather bags, footwear, hats, scarves, belts, media accessories, travel and jewelry. Friends from childhood, Mark Talucci and Todd Elliott both grew up overseas. Their love for finding and importing unique textiles was drawn from going to local hippie fairs in places like Brazil and Mexico, where Mark lived most of childhood. Both unenthused by their lackluster corporate jobs after college, Mark and Todd found inspiration during a trip to Bali, Indonesia in 1989 where they were intrigued by the extraordinary objects and artisan fabrics they discovered. Both natural entrepreneurs, Mark with a degree in engineering and Todd in business administration, they decided to start a business importing these "found treasures" from overseas to their hometown in San Francisco. In 1994, the imported rattan bags were blowing off shelves at major retailers encouraging Mark and Todd to go a step further. The idea for The Sak brand stemmed from a simple, memorable, casual and relaxed bag with universal appeal. Staying true to texture, they created a singular bag from a unique Tightweave™ fabrication using hand-crocheted nylon string. Starting a crochet "craze," The Sak bag Style 120 was an overnight hit. It soon became one the most coveted items of the 90s coining the phrase "a Sak on every back." [+]
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