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405 Hollywood - Universal Music Group recording artist
Raven Cain has become well known all over Southern Utah. He won the 2014 Country Music Showdown and has been touching peoples lives all over the United States with his music in ways that even surprises him.

Raven's unique songs have stood out among-st the endless list of today's singers who all tend to sound alike. Raven pushes the boundaries of music and seems to have no limits on what he can do. His songs are an expression of who he is; that's what makes it REAL. Raven doesn’t just write songs; he shares from the heart and creates a soundtrack to his life. He often says that the folks that love his music are made up of his friends, not fans.

Raven; a born and raised SOUTHERN BOY, is a direct descendant of BLACKBEARD and is also part Cherokee. The connection is not hard to see with his long hair, tattoos, sunglasses, the no apologies—If You Want A Bad Boy, you found one, but you found one with heart and a passion rarely seen. Raven taps into a rock n' roll like rebellious spirit, that reminds you of early Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Seger, Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams Jr. in his unique sound.

Raven is in the process of recording a in-your-face solo album with plenty of OUTLAW testosterone; but the albums also evokes a tender and gentle side, proving a tough guy can be a softie too. [+]
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