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Perfection is an abstract and theoretical concept. It is not a destination that can actually be achieved. But nonetheless, it’s the goal in mind. We all have our own ideas of what perfection means and our own ways of pursuing it. That pursuit is idealistic, but it’s a fundamental part of our humanity.

Similarly, The Perfect Pursuit have found that an appropriate description of their "sound" is just as evasive as perfection itself--almost ineffable. However, specific genres or styles are not a concern that comes to mind during their writing process. They draw influence from a sea of unique artists, from pop, to punk, through alternative, into progressive and back. Their music flows with dynamic, powerful, drive. The atmospheric, delay drenched, guitars and powerful bass lines create a massive, progressive beast. But the melodic dual vocals and consistent, driving percussion keep it grounded enough to remain accessible.

The band officially started in September of 2009 in Hays, Kansas with founding members, Quincy Scott and Cole Hawks. They soon opted to relocate somewhere a little more populated and musically active. The transition resulted in a number of line-up changes. And after searching for a replacement singer for over a year, the guys decided on a risky alternative solution: two vocalists, one male, one female. They joined forces with Daniel Rhodes and Lori Muilenburg in late 2011, which required modifying all of the vocal parts to accommodate the new direction. The band began playing shows around Kansas. Doug Maxwell joined on bass in early 2013 to complete the current line-up.

Throughout 2013 and 2014, with Quincy handling the production, The Perfect Pursuit began recording their first record. On May 21, 2014, they released their debut album, Extraordinary. They began playing shows throughout the Kansas City area, opening for bands such as Lacuna Coil and Touche Amore.

As 2015 came around, they began writing material for their second album. [+]
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