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Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards. The Obscure80's

The Obscure80's is San Diego's first and only Classic Alternative Rock Band. Focusing on the songs that are sure to bring back fond memories from a bygone era is what we do!.

We play everything from forgotten one-hit wonders to the smash stand-outs by names you may not remember but whose songs you can't forget. The five members of The Obscure80’s are experienced and seasoned musicians dedicated to keeping the music alive in a fun and professional manner that is guaranteed to entertain.

Having just wrapped up a six month residency at the legendary Brick by Brick in San Diego, we are available to perform throughout Southern California. Our special brand of totally awesome tunes makes us a natural fit for 80s themed events and venues, or any situation that calls for high quality live music to take your bar, club, restaurant, corporate event or party to the next level.

We are constantly hard at work adding new material and honing our skills. The Obscure80’s boasts what must be the largest, most diverse catalog of 80’s New Wave, Post-Punk and Alternative Rock in the region.

The Obscure80's bring back a Golden age of music history that is sure to leave you with a smile. So grab your checkered shirt, your Creepers and your Wayfarers and join or book us for our next show! [+]
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